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ISIS Beheads – Obama State Department Wages YouTube War in the cause of Shia Islam

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Published on: September 7, 2014

This is going from cringe-worthy to embarrassing to …impeachable.

The enemy is beheading Americans, and the President’s State Department is …. making youtube videos in the cause of Shia Islam.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

First the State Department tried waging counter-jihad on twitter, where the Islamic State and al Qaeda affiliates hijacked the hashtags as they conquered cities and towns. What a joke that was. The Islamic State and Al Qaeda’s timbers were all a quiver.


Now this.

This video looks like ….. a recruitment video for the Islamic State (or as the deliberately confusing President calls them, ISIL).

What’s particularly galling about this video is that no mention is made of the millions of Christians ethnically cleansed/expelled or slaughtered by the devout Muslims of the Islamic State. Not. a. word. No, the Islamic State is bad, according to Obama’s DoS video, because they blow up mosques and crucify Muslims. No mention is made of the millions of non-Muslim victims — Jews, Christians, Hindus. And what’s more appalling is that the State Department offers no explanation as to why the Islamic State would blow up those mosques or kill those Muslims. They target those mosques because they are Shia mosques and Shia Muslims, and the Islamic State is Sunni. Sunnis do not consider Shias true Muslims (and vice-versa). That’s why those two groups have been fighting since Muhammad died. More on Sunni versus Shia here.

This State Department video is outrageous. Who are they working for? Iran?

Of course the enemedia is spinning this sophomoric submission into PR gold — while their journalists are getting their heads chopped off.

Alberto Fernandez, coordinator of the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, which runs the program, has called it “participating in the marketplace of ideas.”

And all the while, Muslims from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia increasingly stream into Syria and Iraq to get in on the butchery in the righteous cause of Islam, while the Obama administration bangs away rather poorly on their keyboards.

Video thanks to Conservative Treehouse.


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