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The ISIS Propaganda Video’s Message is “Submit or Else” – Americans Have a Different Message

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Published on: February 5, 2015

In the propaganda video released by ISIS on Tuesday, in which they burned alive Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kassasbeh, one can’t help but notice not only the quality of the video, but the details of the Islamic devils behind it. Sons of Liberty Radio show host Bradlee Dean pointed out how they were arrayed in brand new uniforms with brand new weapons, plus a lot more.

“Isn’t it interesting that they have brand new uniforms on?” Dean asked. “And their weaponry is brand new. They’ve got these huge front loaders. You have to ask yourself who is supporting ISIS and why is it that terrorism is used to bring in a global agenda?”

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Dean was referring to something he wrote about just a couple of weeks ago in his article titled The Global War on Terror is being used to bring in a Global Government of Terror.

So where is ISIS getting its support? Dean sarcastically comments that they must be getting their funding from selling sand and rocks, knowing that the reality is that they are making hundreds of millions through their takeover of Iraqi oil operations, have cleaned out Iraqi banks in territories they have control of and have even been funded and trained by the US government.

Furthermore, Dean points out that the quality of the video produced indicates that they probably have had some help from someone inside the movie industry. He adds that the various angles from a multiplicity of cameras and the editing of the video is evidence for his theory.

He also pointed out the interesting fact that they can never see to find these guys, yet for Americans, if you have a cell phone they can locate you immediately. Isn’t it amazing that little “Jihad Johnny” can continuously make videos, allegedly cutting off heads of innocent people, but never be found while the TSA and other federal government agents unlawfully rummage through your belongings at the airport, the train station and along the roadside in violation of the Fourth Amendment and quashing rights protected under the First Amendment in the name of the “War on Terror“?

The governments that are perpetuating the fear of ISIS are then backed by the mainstream media’s useful idiots in order to push the population into submission to more government control. These governments are derelict of duty by not dealing with these criminals. Instead, they cover for them, tolerate them, and even fund, train and arm them. They make no real attempts to stop them.

Many have often falsely claimed that I have written articles in order to produce fear in people. On the contrary, pointing out the danger is a far cry from pushing fear. One cannot properly respond if one has their proverbial head in the sand.

However, understand that America is under the judgment of God. If you don’t believe me, just look at the curses God promised Israel for turning its back on Him and see if they are not being fulfilled before your eyes (Deut. 28:15-68). If He did it to Israel in 70AD (See the writings of Josephus; Matt. 24, Mark 13; Luke 21; Revelation), do you think He will fail to do the same things here?

Yet, Christians are not to be those who fear men. So let government and the Islamists do their worse. We overcome them with good!

While Barack Hussein Obama’s response to the murder of this Jordanian pilot was not only a cover for Islam, by referencing ISIS’ motives as “whatever ideology,” but his response was to politic by advancing talk of Obamacare!

Dean says that in the end, the message of global terrorism is, “Submit or else.”

Let it be known that Americans have a message for the terrorists, both in the Middle East and in our own government: We will never submit to you! I cannot speak to where many Americans’ allegiances lie, but as for me and my house, we submit ourselves only to the Lord Jesus Christ, not to Islam, Mohammad or the criminal administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

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