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Islam in the Classroom: US Gulen Charter Schools promoting Islamic New World Order

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Published on: August 14, 2014

Many families who believed they were fleeing the government controlled education by choosing the “conservative school choice option” of charter schools may be surprised to learn that their school is operated by Fethullah Gulen, who is the most-powerful religious leader in Turkey today, even though he lives in Pennsylvania. A partial listing of the Gulen schools throughout the U.S.A. reveals a vast network of charter schools which advance the New Islamic World Order, but are fully funded by American taxpayers. Parents need to be aware that their child’s “science academy” may be teaching their child the Islamic culture as superior over the American way of life. Gulen’s 150-plus charter schools in the United States, which advance Gulen’s international agenda, have received little national attention.

The goals of the Gulen movement

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Berrin Koyuncu-Lorasdaği (The Prospects and Pitfalls of the Religious Nationalist Movement in Turkey: The Case of the Gülen Movement, Middle Eastern Studies, 46(2):221-234) says:

The Gulen movement basically has two goals. The first concerns raising a new type of generation, a ‘golden generation’ of modern Muslims who are deeply spiritual and close to God and equipped with values such as faith, love and a belief in knowledge and science. They will be able to compete scientifically and build a new world by taking account of national and global developments.

The second goal of the movement based on educational activities is a global intention to introduce the long history of Turkish culture to the world and to spread Turkish identity in two ways: firstly, by directing people who live in European countries to raise their children in the ‘Turkish way,’ and secondly, by establishing a pan-Turan ethnic politics in Central Asian countries which stresses pride in Turkicness. In short, the aim is to create a morally superior and scientifically competitive Turkic world. 

According to this investigative website, some Gulen schools appear on the surface to be completely secular, yet observers have found that they covertly engage in missionary activities either after hours in school dormitories or during other extracurricular activities.

If your child is attending a Turkish Gulen School, do your homework. Ask questions.

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