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Islam Inspires Ridicule and Deserves It

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Published on: January 21, 2015

Since the Paris attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo by militant Muslims, leftist power players have been none-too-subtly attempting to fundamentally transform our concept of what free speech and its limits should be. This is occurring throughout the West, although the Islamist Obama administration has made clear statements (both verbal and nonverbal) with regard to its designs and sentiments in this area.

On the one hand, many Western journalists are alarmed and outraged that they are not only at risk of being killed by gibbering death cult monkeys for reporting on Islam, but that their governments are pressuring them to be more “sensitive” to said death cult monkeys. Other journalists and news organizations have already capitulated as a matter of policy to the idea that appeasing irrational, murdering primitives might somehow make them less irrational and less predisposed to murder.

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This week, chief White House spokesman Josh Earnest indicated that in light of the Charlie Hebdo raid, President Obama – who has funded, armed, and trained jihadists with American taxpayers’ dollars – would be making efforts to curtail First Amendment freedom of the press as it pertains to future anti-Jihadist articles. This would be on the pretext of national security, of course, rather than due to Obama’s Islamic bent and desire to control what is said about his beloved death cult monkey brothers.

Many were disappointed when Pope Francis declared this week that while murdering those who mock one’s faith is unacceptable, mocking others’ faith also cannot be tolerated. While I would have preferred he declare Islam an evil device of the devil to be resisted at all cost, I realize that popes are politicians as well as clerics. Still, the pope’s ongoing proclivity to engage this malignant cult only serves to weaken the position of his church and its allies, in my humble opinion.

It is clear that the aforementioned leftist power players in the West are engaged in a campaign to condition Westerners to kiss the collective butt of Muslims at every available opportunity; this is particularly true in America, wherein we have a closeted Islamist president and a citizenry that has not experienced the degree of societal degradation that an emerging Muslim population brings, as has Europe.

Since September 11, 2001, Americans have raised the question of why so many supposedly “peaceful Muslims” were reticent to condemn the actions of “militant Muslims.” There are two reasons for this: One is their veiled advocacy for the actions of the militants; two is the doctrine of taqiyya, which is the practice of deceiving the infidel (us) in the cause of advancing Islam.

Considering these factors, how could anyone of sound mind presume that they might engage in honest, constructive discussions or negotiations with Muslims at all? The answer is obvious.

I realize that many people of good conscience hope that the “peaceful Muslims” in the West can prevail upon their militant brethren, or that Islam’s retrograde character can somehow be attenuated so that it might exist side-by-side with non-Islamic creeds.

I wish them all the luck in the world, but in the meantime, Islamic texts, 1400 years of Muslim history, as well as the words and deeds of Islamists worldwide speak for themselves. In truth, there is no “radical” Islam nor a “peaceful” Islam; there is only Islam. Muslims are duty-bound to advance Islam by force; one might equate the “peaceful” Muslims who don’t get involved as analogous to Christians who only go to church on Christmas and Easter, and never crack a bible. Rev. Jeremiah Wright was a radical, because he adopted a perverted variant of Christianity (Black Liberation Theology) – but the Muslim militants and imams who call for jihad, Shariah law, and the like, are being observant to those dictates of Islamic doctrine that so many in the West deny.

If somehow the “peaceful Muslims” in the West are able to prevail upon their militant brethren, or that Islam’s retrograde character can be attenuated, I will respect its adherents as I do those of any other faith. Until then, accommodating this perverted, ancient cult is patent insanity, judging from what we have seen in the historical record, and across the Atlantic at present.

I believe that Islam, in the form we see manifested countless times every day, inspires ridicule, and ought to be mocked. It is primitive, and it is an inferior societal model. It is the enemy of America, of the West, of the Judeo-Christian paradigm, and of liberty. Those who want to put mocking Islam’s pedophile, serial mass-murderer prophet or its patron demon Allah on a par with shouting “fire” in a crowded movie house can go straight to hell on searing hot rails, as far as I am concerned.


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