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Islam on the March

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Published on: November 27, 2019

In the 770s, Caliph al- Madi marched to Aleppo where 12,000 ignorant Christians greeted him with great fanfare. Thinking he was coming in peace, they were sadly mistaken – he gave the mandate – convert or die. Many stayed true to their faith and were killed. The question is, where is such faith today?

Assyrian Christians in Baghdad were given the same ultimatum – most died!

Al- Madi’s son marched on Constantinople and was near defeat when, once again, Christian infighting and saboteurs united with Muslims for personal grievances and those that lived paid the jizya to live rather than fight. Later, some resistance emerged, but was severely punished and they agreed to pay the jizya tax once again. Their warriors were killed and their women and children were taken prisoner for slaves and sex objects.

One can see thus far in history and from my previous articles, Islam was and is NOT a religion of peace, but more a political and military conquest for booty, sex and the death tax – the jizya. It is the will of Allah, according to them, and today, we have ignorant clerics calling for interfaith coexistence with Islam. Coexistence is not in the Islamic agenda, except to fool ignorant people.

In 791 AD, France was once again attacked bringing great treasures to the caliph besides Christian slaves.

In 825 AD, 10,000 Muslims used the sea to do jihad against infidel ships from Crete and Sicily, just as the Barbary pirates did to America after our independence, just as the Somali pirates have done in East Africa recently – nothing has changed.

In 878 AD, they took Syracuse where the Muslims took 500,000 pounds of silver besides other treasures, as well as 17,000 Christian slaves.

By 902 AD, they completely controlled Sicily with severe brutality, suppressing the Greek language and converting thousands of young boys to Islam.

Islamophobia is complete nonsense and used to silence people like me.

The fear is warranted and proven by history, which is no longer taught in schools since all books your kids read go through a Muslim committee to redact facts and suppress truth concerning Islam.

Some even teach the 5 pillars of Islam and dress like Muslims.

Girls in England wear the jihad out of fear so as to not be raped.

Where is the assimilation? Muslims are also taught NOT to assimilate.

Wake up America! We are being had from within!

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