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Islamic Jihad: India & China Ravaged

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Published on: December 4, 2019

By the 14th century, Islam had amassed unimaginable wealth from India. The killing was brutal under the Sultans. Executions were carried out right in front of the Delhi’s emissary/palace to such an extent that the entrance to the palaces was often blocked by corpses. He killed everyone, even those that fled into the jungles.

On an island, where many Hindus had taken refuge, the Sultan killed 100,000 men women and children.

It was stated that the jihadis had transformed the island into a basin of blood by the massacre of the unbelievers.

He even killed any Shia Muslims he could find within their midst.

Millions of Hindus have been killed throughout history by jihadis.

Quran 9:73- “0 prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them.”

Christianity is offered out of God’s free grace. Islam offers submission, brutality and death.

There are 30 Bible verses that command “love your enemies and pray for them.”

The contrast between Islam killing to achieve Heaven and the Bible teaching that Jesus died for all mankind and simple faith in Christ as one’s Savior gives eternal life.

The Bible tells us there is no marriage in heaven and obviously no 72 virgins for your sexual pleasure. Islam is anathema to Christianity.

Wake up America!

Sharan ad-Din Ali Yazzie, a 15 th century biographer of Tamerlane (a Muslim warrior) stated: “The Quran says the highest dignity man can attain is that of making war in person against the enemies of his religion.”

The same exists today regardless of the Muslims claim of peace.

This same warrior of the caliphate made towers on the mountains composed of the skulls of those he killed.

In one city, in one hour he had 10,000 non-Muslims beheaded as commanded by the Quran 8:67.

In another instance, in preparation for a war with the Mongols who had desires for India, he was faced with a problem. He had 100,000 Hindu prisoner/slaves that could not be left without supervision, so he ordered them all killed in one day.

A host of other jihadi Muslim warriors continued the killing through the 16th century in India.

In 1404, this same Tamerlane decided to take jihad to China.

Here again, he killed so many that the tallest feature on the landscape were piles of skulls.

His war was cut short.

He and many of his troops died in the winter due to deep snow, cold and freezing wind.

Apparently, Allah didn’t come through as planned.

Because of the fall of Constantinople in 1492, Columbus sailed west for new trade routes to avoid the closure by the Muslims in 1453.

His discovery of America has now seen as new ground for Islam to take.

Our advanced technology of weapons and military has rendered them in a quandary.

They can’t take us militarily, so they will do it from within via politics, schools and our own laws protecting religion, even though Islam is hardly a religion and seeks to impose sharia in America which is anathema to our constitution and culture.  Yet, we have organizations like CAIR, ISNA, MSA and a host of others covertly seeking our demise in America while our politicians sleep.

Also, in 1469, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand combined forces and drove the Muslims from Spain.

This is, to this day, a country Islam wants to once again re-conquer.

Usually, when the Muslims take a country, it remains in Muslim hands, but not so with Spain.

May it not be so in America as well.

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