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Islamic Jihadists Engage in Multiple Attacks in Canada – Multiple Gunmen in Islamic State Garb

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Published on: October 22, 2014

Well planned, well coordinated multiple attacks in Canada. War.

Ottawa-Gatineau bridges have been closed according to reports. Military bases, More Shots were fired at the Chateau Laurier Hotel and police are confirming three separate shootings

BBC: Ottawa buildings in lockdown include US embassy, Chateau Laurier hotel, Canadian Parliament, Rideau shopping centre

Canadian Senator describes multiple gunmen as wearing all black with white bandannas across their faces.


Canadian MPs have barricaded themselves into Parliament

This incredible picture shows how Canadian MPs have barricaded themselves into the building.

Tables and chairs have been used to block the door to the caucus room where a number of politicians remain trapped.

Canadian MP calling into CNN describes watching PM Stephen Harper being whisked away by an armed “cavalcade,” says he could smell gunfire Terrorists Wearing ISIS-Style All Black Outfits, Faces Covered

Third shooting in shopping mall confirmed

Police have now confirmed there has been a third shooting at the Rideau Centre shopping mall near to the Parliament building. Armed officers were rushing towards the scene with guns drawn.

Canadian Senator describes multiple gunmen as wearing all black with white bandannas across their faces.


Canada MP Senator George Baker Said Shooter Wore Islamic Headband.

Reports suggest at least THREE shooting incidents in Ottowa.

The scale of the operation in Ottowa is getting larger and larger. There are now reports of a number of shootings in multiple locations. One at the War Memorial, one inside the Parliament building, another at a hotel and another at a downtown mall the Rideau Centre. Pictures show roads closed off and bridges in and out of the city centre are now closed.It was under renovation until recently RT @leeberthiaume: The scene around the national war memorial. — Stephen Saideman (@smsaideman) October 22, 2014


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books
Editor’s Note: Americans this is part of the reason you have the freedom to arm yourselves. I encourage you to take your gun with you everywhere you go in today’s society. You may be instrumental in sending these Islamic devils to meet their Creator for judgment.

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