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Islamic Machine Tries to Crush Speech at U.S. College

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Published on: April 20, 2015

I am scheduled to speak at Brooklyn College this Wednesday, April 22, on “The First Amendment and Social Criticism,” and the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is gnashing its teeth in rage.

In the current climate of intolerance, hate and speech suppression on college campuses, even the fact that I was invited is a historic moment. It is rare when I (or any of my colleagues) can speak on an American college campus. While hate preachers, terror supporters, and Jew-haters are welcome with open arms at U.S. universities, voices of freedom, voices opposed to jihad, Sharia, creed apartheid and gender apartheid are banned – in a not-so-subtle adherence to Shariah blasphemy laws.

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The current post-freedom era hosts the most stifling and crippling rules of intellectual engagement (what little there is of “engagement”). University campuses, once the home of great debate and discourse, have come under the boot of Shariah goons and their leftist lapdogs.

Perhaps this invitation is a turning point, and we can begin to push back against the overwhelming leftist/Islamic machine that has seized absolute control of university life. But as expected, the Hamas goons and Shariah enforcers at the UAE-designated terror group CAIR are bullying and intimidating Brooklyn College administration officials, first to cancel my talk, and then to “protect” Muslim students. We can’t have an honest discussion on “Free Speech and Social Criticism,” now, can we? Not if we are to be subdued, subjugated and Shariah compliant.

Hamas-CAIR likes to pretend that it’s for free speech. Ryan Tack-Hooper, staff attorney for CAIR-Philadelphia, said this about my ads in Philadelphia opposing Islamic anti-Semitism: “SEPTA’s refusal to air the ads was no doubt motivated by their disgust with the ad – a disgust we share. The First Amendment protects everyone, the hateful and the loving alike. Instead of suppressing dishonest and offensive speech, the American tradition is to respond with speech of our own. You can be sure we will do so.”

But instead of responding with speech of his own, Hamas-CAIR top dog Ibrahim Hooper started hounding Brooklyn College officials as soon as he heard that I was invited. The warmonger kicked off his emails to them with “peace.” What contempt this nasty cynic has for the infidel. His subject line was, “Is Brooklyn College Really Hosting the Nation’s Leading Islamophobe?”

This is what Hooper is so afraid of – I’ll be discussing:

  1. Why the freedom of speech was placed first in the Bill of Rights;
  2. How the freedom of speech is the foremost protection against tyrannical government;
  3. The spurious distinction between “free speech” and so-called “hate speech” – and how it is used to erode First Amendment rights;
  4. “Islamophobia”: Why this term amounts to little more than the enforcement of Shariah in the marketplace of ideas;
  5. Why speech that is offensive to some must not be curtailed, but protected;
  6. Civility vs. freedom: Why “offensive speech” must be legal and protected in a genuinely pluralistic society.

Hooper failed to get my talk canceled, so CAIR then issued an alert “calling on Brooklyn College to protect Muslim, Arab students after appearance by hate group leader.”

Protect them from what? Protect them from whom? They are in no danger. It’s the Islamic groups like Muslim Brotherhood MSA and SJP that present a very real and present danger to Jewish students and those who stand with Israel.

CAIR’s premise is so absurd. The students who are being menaced on college campuses today are not Muslims, but Jews. Muslim groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, or SJP, and others have made college campuses unsafe for Jewish students. See here for details about how Jews are under assault on campuses nationwide. Much of this violence is perpetrated by Muslims. And in 2013, the SJP had four Jews ejected from a Brooklyn College BDS event, claiming they were being disruptive; however, audiotape of the event proved that they were sitting quietly, and this claim was a lie. They were simply being bullied by the Muslim students. Brooklyn College has a history of allowing Muslim students to host offensive and libelous anti-Israel presentations.

So CAIR is employing its typical projection, trying to deflect attention away from increasingly aggressive and predatory Muslim students on campus and portray Muslims as victims of marauding counter-jihadists who exist only in Ibrahim Hooper’s fevered mind.

Come and listen to what Hamas-CAIR and its friends and allies desperately don’t want you to know. I’ll be speaking in the Penthouse Conference Center at the Brooklyn College Student Center (SUBO) building at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evening. If you want to attend, email me and I will put your name on the list. There is no entry fee and you do not have to be a Brooklyn College student, but you do have to be on the list. So email me ASAP – and stand with me for free speech.


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