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“Islamist Takeover Plot” Exposed at Elementary School

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Published on: February 22, 2017

When considering the position of teacher in any country, many pitfalls and cons could be listed. There is the constant mischief of the students. There is the endless stream of viruses to dodge. There is fighting and disrespect. Finally, there is the threat of Muslim plots and death threats.

Wait! What?

That’s right. You can now add the threat that you might get in your car one morning to teach the kids, and you get blown up. At least this is the fear of one teacher in Britain.

Heat Street reports

An alleged plot to oust the head teacher of a British elementary-level school in order to implement a hardline Islamic vision of teaching has come to light.

Parents and local politicians reportedly undertook a campaign of harassment against the headteacher of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham, near Manchester.

According to a leaked government investigation, their aim was to remove head teacher Trish O’Donnell to make way for major changes to the school.

Among her most prominent opponents is parent governor Nasim Ashraf and his wife, Hafizan Zaman.

The two reportedly lobbied local mosques to agitate against O’Donnell, while trying to implement more Islamic teaching in the school.

Ashraf reportedly hosted an “Islamic teaching session” on his own initiative, while Zaman is said to have told female teachers that they had to start wearing the veil.

This was nothing more than passive jihad showing its true colors. These people wanted to make the British act Muslim. They did not seek to accomplish this by asking. They did not even use the usual means of playing the victim. No, they went straight for the throat.

This points to the fact that the culture in Britain is so weak that the Muslims now feel as though they can heighten the pressure with no ramifications.

This means that the Brits have failed to force assimilation. They have not evangelized these people. They have not because, for the most part, they need evangelism themselves.

We cannot make this same mistake.

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