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Islamists Flash Flag of Jihad in Front of White House – Make Threats Against US

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Published on: August 11, 2014

It looks like the Islamic State is serious about its threats to come after Obama and “raise the flag of Allah in the White House.” Over the weekend, Islamic supporters of ISIS flashed a cell phone picture, via Twitter, in front of the White House and made threats against Americans.

In a picture that appeared on Twitter on Saturday, there is a nighttime photo of the White House with a cell phone in the foreground containing a picture of the black flag of jihad. The tweet was sent from the account @mhajr93.

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Though the picture is not dated, it was taken from the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House. The text accompanying the tweet read:

“We are here #America near our #target soooooooon.”

A short time later, the photo was posted again with the text, “we are everywhere” from the hashtag “AmessagefromISIStoUS.”


What’s worse are some of the taunting against the US by the Islamic State and its supporters, which can be seen in several tweets at the Daily Mail here. These came as the US conducted airstrikes against ISIS.

The Daily Mail adds:

The new messages highlight the possible consequences of President Barack Obama’s decision to authorize military airstrikes against the Islamist group, which are partially armed with munitions left behind when he pulled American troops out of Iraq at the end of 2011.

‘All it would take is one attack on a diplomatic facility to rally more online strutting,’ a State Department official told MailOnline on condition of anonymity, ‘and lots of people will blame the president for antagonizing people who already want to kill Americans.’

But it is yet to be seen how powerful ISIS is to carry out terror outrages beyond the territories under its control.

Obama ran for office in part on a platform of ending America’s armed conflicts in the Middle East; Friday morning’s airstrikes marked his first openly declared hostilities in the region – in this case, against a self-declared but unrecognized ‘Islamic state.’

Some could say this is nothing more than fearmongering. For those I say, it’s only fearmongering if you are afraid. This is merely a call for us to be vigilant and return our own warning to the Islamists. Should you continue your jihad and seek to attack America and her people, we will not run and hide as the cowards did in Mosul, but we will stand and fight you in the streets if need be to defend those we love (1 Jn. 3:18) against the devils of Islam.

Oliver Cromwell showed his enemies Christ the Lion in battle and was encouraged by John Owen also to show them Christ the Lamb. Christ has been shown as the lamb in Islamic countries for centuries. By some He has been embraced and by others, they have persecuted and killed the witnesses of Christ. Jesus Christ, the one Islamists claim was nothing more than a bastard child, is the Son of the Living God. He has overcome sin, death, and Hell, providing an atoning sacrifice for the sins of men, and every man will stand before Him on Judgment Day. He is your King and the King commands all men everywhere, including those under the banner of anti-Christ Islam to repent of their sins. If you do this, it will be well with you and you shall indeed be blessed, but if you fail to heed this command, and seek to attack the US, then God help you, because we will show you no mercy.

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