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It Has Been Done Before – It Can Be Done Again! Californians Seek To Remove Governor Newsom!

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Published on: December 16, 2020

“Enough is Enough!”

Governor Newson, what a criminal, to say the least.

He was stripped by the state’s courts with a big “no” to his unconstitutional edicts and what does he do in response?  He defies the courts and brings forth more unconstitutional edicts, which defines criminality (Article 2, Section 4; Article 1, Section 3, Clause 7 US Constitution).

It even went so far as to the Supreme Court stepping in and slapping down his Communist hands and again, what does he do in response?  He stands in defiance of American law (Deuteronomy 25:1).

It seems that the good people in California have had enough of his criminal tenure so much so that they are now recalling him (Psalm 94:16).

My Mother Lode reported:  Newsom Facing Growing Recall Effort

Sacramento, CA — A group trying to recall Governor Gavin Newsom has received about half of the 1.5-million signatures needed for a special election.

Recall advisor Randy Economy told the Associated Press that interest increased after it was revealed that Newsom dined with friends at an upscale Napa Valley restaurant while asking state residents to stay home and physical distance.”

“Recall proponents have until mid-March to acquire needed signatures. The last California Governor to be recalled was Gray Davis in 2003 when he was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Governor Steps All Over Himself For Not Wearing His Mask And For Social Gathering: All Of This Over A Narrative That They Cannot Prove!

In conclusion:  When a new Representative is elected to office, he or she takes an oath that lists many responsibilities. Abuse of power or failure to uphold these responsibilities cannot be tolerated.

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the God-given right to impeach the offender.

Impeachment means that a charge of misconduct (1 John 3:4) is filed against the offender. A majority of the members of the House must vote for these charges in order to impeach the offender.

After the charges of misconduct are filed, the Senate has the power to try impeachment cases like a court. Two-thirds of the senators must vote for conviction. The offender may be removed from office and never allowed to hold a government position again if he is found guilty.

Process of Impeachment:

  1. Being formally accused of unlawful activity, committing a crime
  2. Not necessarily being kicked out of office
  3. Who can be Impeached? Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution
  4. “President, Vice-President, and all civil officers of the United States”
  5. Civil Officers include people appointed by the President (cabinet members and judges)
  6. Members of Congress are NOT civil officers
  7. Justice Department or an independent council investigates charges & presents them to the House Judiciary Committee
  8. House Judiciary Committee (HJC) reviews evidence
  9. HJC drafts Articles of Impeachment
  10. HJC debates Articles of Impeachment (Nixon)
  11. Entire House of Representatives debates Articles of Impeachment & votes on them (Simple Majority)
  12. If this happens, the President is considered impeached.
  13. Senate holds the Trial “Will the official be kicked out of office”
  14. House Judiciary Committee acts as the prosecution– presents evidence against the accused
  15. Accused chooses own lawyers to present defense
  16. Chief Justice of Supreme Court acts as Judge and rules on admissibility of evidence
  17. Senate acts as the Jury
  18. A 2/3 majority of the Senate must vote against the accused to remove the person from office.

Do As I Unconstitutionally Say, But Do Not Do As I Hypocritically-Criminally Do! More Corrupt Politicians Playing Political Theatre

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