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It is NOT About the Customer, Anymore!

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Published on: September 2, 2022

“Customer first seems to be a thing of the past.”

About six months ago we stopped by a restaurant to get something to eat, and after we were finished up, I noticed that there was a charge on our bill that was unknown to all of us at the table.

We then asked the waitress what the extra charge was on the bill. She went on to say that it was an extra charge to the customer to pay for the health benefits and lunches for the employees. I responded, “You have got to be kidding me.  You need to ask the customer if they are willing to do so.  You don’t just add on, at will, whatsoever you desire at our expense. It is the employer’s job to provide lunches and health care benefits for his employees, not the customer who comes in to eat a salad. How does that become the customers’ responsibility?”

I then said, “My money is not your money to take and give to whomsoever you desire.  That is deceptive and furthermore, that is called stealing (Exodus 20:15).”

So, I proceeded to ask for the manager.

When the manager came over, we shared our thoughts with him about what we just shared with the waitress. He went on and said that this is the best company that I have ever worked for (As far as the benefits go – I bet it is).

I told him, “The problem is that it’s not your company paying for these benefits, the customer is!”

He didn’t seem to grasp that point.  However, he went on to say, “If adding a little bit to your bill helps the employees that is good for me.”

He then mentioned that the airlines are now doing this. So, two wrongs make a right? Just because a majority of people go along with something, doesn’t make it right.

I said, “Of course, they are and so is the corporate world especially, after this plandemic. These companies and corporations, instead of dealing with the corruption in government, whereas they stole tax-payer dollars from the American people and extorted the corporate world to do their biddings by giving what’s ours to them, are now subservient to the government rather than their customers.”

Friends, these corporations have turned on their customers while government created dependents.

This manager had not a care for his customers because he was profiting from them by theft, at least for the time being. This is self-inflicting and it will, in the end, self-implode when the American people figure out what it is that they are doing to them.

Friends, this is the very definition of fascism.

Again, instead of these corporations (restaurants, airlines, shopping stores, etc.) dealing with the corrupt, it now falls upon the customers.

Instead of delivering up a good product with a fair price, they now gouge the customers.

This is why Americans need to support the little guy, the small businesses who, by the way, were and are being targeted throughout the duration of the contrived plandemic in corralling the people to these corporations (Isaiah 28:18).

What happened to “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12).

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