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It is not the Supreme Court – it is the Obscene Court of the United States

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Published on: February 28, 2019

They call themselves justices and they call it the Supreme Court of the United States. They claim the court has not been politicized however that is not even close to being true. As with most things, they push image over substance.

Let’s Judge the court and you my readers can be the jury. I will use a case that hopefully we will all agree the court horribly messed up on. Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857). Scott was before the court for his constitutional rights to not be Sanford’s slave and to be treated as a human instead of property. The court basically ruled that black people were not human and that nonhumans cannot have constitutional rights.

This quote sums up the courts opinion: “…..We think they [people of African ancestry are … not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word “citizens” in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to the citizens of the United States. …”

So here is a question, did the court really believe black people were not humans or did they lie because slavery was making so many people so much money? What do you think? The problem with judges is that they ignore what they do not like. You can have a thousand people that say something is so and if a judge ignores those people there is no evidence and therefore no proof. I believe the court paid close attention to the money and ignored the obvious proof that black people were humans just like anyone else. The court did what they wanted, not what was right.

Considering that judges are lawyers that are politically connected enough to be appointed as a judge, it is not surprising that they would be driven by their greed for, and not by what is the right thing to do. The problem is this ruling is hurting the county today even though slavery legally ended in the United States years ago. The reality is people are human regardless of what the court decides. It is wrong for the court to think they have the power to call someone non-human and to then take their rights away. These seeds were planted by this court which grew into future atrocities that were committed by other members of the court.

There a lot of cases that shows that the court that calls itself the Supreme Court, is in reality the Obscene Court that has caused a lot of harm. There are cases where the court defended forced sterilization and other horrible things but I am going to refer to Roe v. Wade because it has caused 60 million babies to be murdered. In Roe the court basically did to babies what it did to slaves and ignored that they were human and made it legal to kill them. If you take 60 million and multiply it times what Planned Parenthood charges to murder a baby, it is easy to see why the court did what they did. However they also exposed themselves to be a political tool that only cares about money and power. The Roe court lied like the Scott court lied. We are told judges are supposed to be smart. I think a baby being human is just as obvious as black people being human and the court lied so they could do what they wanted instead of doing what is right. I just do not believe the court truly believed babies or black people where not human. I believe they lied for power and money.

What amazes me is some people actually respect the court and admire it and the members of it. How can they admire an institution that lied to protect slavery and now lied so doctors could get rich murdering of babies? I suppose they admire the power. The problem is once the so called supreme court lied and called black people and babies to be not human, they force lower judges and lawyers to lie by saying what they are told is true.

When you see someone who is defending these lies ask yourself how they are benefitting from the lie. Are they getting money, power, or praise? Are they claiming to be better than other people by claiming the lie? The fact of the matter is black people have always been human and will always be human regardless of how any judge anywhere at any time rules. The fact of the matter is babies have always been human and will always be human regardless of how any judge anywhere at any time rules. Courts do not have the power to decide who is or is not human, when they do so they become lawless dictators that are steeling power. The entire system then becomes a never ending cycle of lies and deception for money for some because of the oppression or murder of others.

That is the problem the court lied to protect slavery and has never been held accountable for what they have done. Because of the lack of accountability of any of the courts they continue to commit atrocities. They are dictators that claim we are not allowed to remove them. Even though the court is an institution that has caused millions to be enslaved and murdered for over 162 years since the Scott court and then the roe court.

The more brutal a government becomes the more you know they are not a legitimate government but in reality criminals that have seized power through violence and deception. A criminal has to use violence and deception to get you to do something. Decent people do not do that. A good government does not have to be afraid of its people. Trying to force gun control is a confession by our government that they should not be trusted and that they are not a good government.

God is a perfect example. God had the power to create our world and the universe, and yet God gave us free will. God does not force us to obey Him even though He has the power to do so. However we cannot force God, even though many have tried. We cannot force our way into Heaven or God into our hearts. Hell is the prison where the prisoner locks themselves in and sentences themselves for eternity. The courts would be wise to consider that and then to repent.

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