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“It’s All Theater”: Bill Maher Smashes COVID Lies – Will Likely Be Called An ‘ Alt-Right White Supremacist’ By Week’s End

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Published on: February 8, 2022

Though the Free Thought Project doesn’t play in to the two-party paradigm, there is a faction of the establishment left that is worth calling out. This group of institutionalized pundits has no ground to stand on when it comes to continuing to push for restrictions, mandates, and lockdowns over COVID-19, yet they continue to do so — not following any science at all.

When the public chooses not to accept their arbitrary mandates from on high as gospel, those people become the enemy. Because the two party paradigm keeps its members in blinders as not to see common ground, anyone who chooses to go against the party’s demands must be part of the other, evil party.

The sheer lunacy associated with these identity politics means that anyone on the left who calls out the intolerance or authoritarianism from within — is now part of the Alt-right — including hardcore leftists.

In the following example, put out by the lovely folks at Politico, the outlet attempts to paint all folks who support the trucker convoy as far-right, white supremacists. There is no doubt that some small percentage of the people supporting the truckers fit into this category but to group in all Republicans with white supremacists is disingenuous at best and egregiously deceptive at worst.

By this logic, the entire left should be judged based on the actions of Antifa. But free thinking rational folks simply do not do this, and for good reason… it leads to the opposite of progress.

Despite many of the truckers openly espousing their diverse views, hit pieces like this demonize groups who stand up for freedom because it goes against the establishment narrative of vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and unscientific hodgepodge that must be followed to remain in the club.

This black and white identity divide is why people like Bill Maher are a thorn in the side of their scheme. Maher is one of the most outspoken and well known leftists in the media and when he doesn’t toe the line, it makes the establishment left look silly, corrupt, and outright shameful.

So, after this weekend’s show, Maher has likely made many enemies within the Branch Covidian cult.

During a three-minute rant, Maher destroyed the narrative for masking children, called out the ineffective nature of the lockdowns, and put Biden on blast for his vaccine misinformation. The end result was nothing short of inspiring.

“It’s time to do what a growing list of countries have done and announce we’re going back to something more like normal, beginning with recognizing that what we’re doing to kids is unnecessary and horrible — and I don’t even like kids,” he said as his monologue began.

“But make kids who have a COVID survivability rate of 99.98% mask up like bandits?” he said. “Unfortunately, the thing that’s getting stolen is their education, their sanity, and their social skills.”

He then brought up the recent study from John’s Hopkins which is predictably absent from all mainstream press other than FOX.

“A study this week from a professor at John’s Hopkins concluded that the lockdowns we all suffered through had little impact in reducing COVID deaths,” he pointed out.

“Okay,” he said. “That’s kind of a big one to get wrong.”

As we reported last week, a new report by economists who carried out a meta-analysis, found that coronavirus lockdowns had ‘little to no’ effect on pandemic death tolls in the US, UK and Europe. The lockdowns, according to the researchers, only reduced mortality by 0.2 percent.

While the lockdowns didn’t stop deaths, they certainly caused a lot of them.

Their report, led by a Johns Hopkins University professor — which has not been peer-reviewed — concluded:

While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where  they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.

After blasting lockdowns, Maher set his sights on the messiah of Team Doom, president Joe Biden.

“Last July president Biden said, you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Maher continued. “Well, I already knew that was wrong then. And now we all do.”

It wasn’t just Biden though, the CDC, Anthony Fauci, and the mainstream press all came out en masse and claimed that the vaccine would not allow you to transmit or even catch covid. As the world quickly found out, however, that was a massive lie.

Toward the end of the rant, Maher went after the sacred cow — the origination of covid. For those who recall, anyone who even mentioned the words “lab leak” in 2020 were unceremoniously banned from social media, forever memory holed for daring to question the established narrative of “virus bad, it come from bats.”

year later, however, and the lab leak became the most prevalent theory.

“The former director of the CDC Robert Redfield believes COVID originated in a lab and now our intelligence agencies agree: It might have,” Maher went on. “But for months on social media, it was banned to even discuss it.”

“Look, I’m not saying the medical establishment isn’t trying to figure s**t out or that they’re corrupt — although there is some of that — but how about just wrong, wrong, a lot,” he said.

“Wrong about HIV, wrong about lockdowns, wrong about kids, wrong about how you couldn’t get it if you were vaccinated,” he said. “Remember washing our packages?”

“And there’s never been research showing that outdoor transmission is likely or common,” he aptly pointed out. “Yet, LA county says we’re still supposed to mask up for big outdoor events like we’ll be at the Super Bowl.”

Maher then showed images of Cali. Gov. Gavin Newsom disobeying his own mandate at the NFC championship game last weekend as the crowd erupted in applause.

“It’s all theater. Watching athletes mix it up on the court and then mask on the sideline. Not being able to touch a menu, but watching them touch my food. Maskless at dinner while sitting, but not standing. And by the way, if Applebee’s really cared about our health, they would make us cover our mouths after the food arrived,” Maher joked.

“I’m just asking; how much wrong do you get to be while still holding the default setting for people who represent the science?” he asked.

This is a question to which an answer is quickly coming to fruition. As their lies and anti-science narrative come crashing down, their last stitch effort is to name call and resort to the only card they have left, identity politics. This is why Maher will likely soon be branded a member of the “Alt-right” and maybe even a “white supremacist.”

As TFTP has long been labelled over the years — incorrectly and deceptively — by this censorship class, Maher should welcome the slander, because it means he’s finally over the target.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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