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It’s High Noon for the American Justice System

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Published on: August 12, 2019

The death of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein puts two very real facts into play. One, his death never should have happened, and two, it is insanely obvious that his death came by nefarious means. But a third and more important fact is starring the American people in the face and there is no arguing it away.

Almost immediately after Epstein’s death was announced, social media exploded with comments and memes intimating that he had been “suicided” at the hands of Bill and Hillary Clinton. It is true that there is a list comprising the questionable deaths of Clinton associated and business partners that reaches from California to Maine. But where Epsteins’ death is concerned there are a number of high value individuals who have just as much to lose as the Clinton’s were Epstein to have testified in a cooperative manner.

Among those implicated in wrong-doing in documents unsealed in the case against Epstein are: Bill Clinton, Les Wexner (Vitoria’s Secret), Prince Andrew, James E. Staley (JPMorgan Chase), Leon D. Black (Apollo Global Management) Glenn Dubin (Highbridge Capital Management), Daniel Zwirn (hedge fund manager), Mort Zuckerman (publisher NY Daily News), Ehud Barak (former Israeli prime minister), Tony Blair (former British prime minister), David Koch and the late Salomon Brothers chief executive officer John Gutfreund, to name just a few.

If Epstein’s death comes at the hand of nefarious means, one of the above mentioned may – may – very well be the owner of that hand. So, this is one serious game of high-stakes, high-profile “Clue”.

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Now, take into consideration some indisputable facts about Epstein’s existence while in incarceration.

When a prisoner is processed into the system they are fingerprinted and pictures are taken including those of any identifying marks. The prisoner is ordered to strip down, squat and cough to make sure no contraband is being brought into the prison. They are ordered to shower and receive clothes and shower shoes devoid of belts, laces, etc. If bail is denied (as in Epstein’s case) they take all your items including your clothing and hold it until you are released. The prisoner is left with no objects or possessions that can be used to inflict any bodily harm to him or anyone else.

Epstein was being held as a high-profile prisoner who less than two weeks before his death was placed on suicide watch. He had, at that time, been found semi-unconscious in his cell with injuries to his neck. It is important to understand that Epstein was not sharing a cell with any other inmate, and because he had been properly processed into the facility he would have had no instruments with which to apply injury to himself.

Here is where it gets interesting, if it isn’t interesting enough already. FOX News reports:

“He had been taken off suicide watch before he killed himself, a person familiar with the matter told the AP. It wasn’t immediately clear when he was taken off suicide watch.”

Some questions that come to mind:

  1. Why would someone who was found semi-conscious, presumably by his own hand, less than two weeks earlier in his cell be removed from suicide watch?
  1. If it was determined that his state of semi-consciousness was not a result of his own hand – and being such a high-profile inmate – why was he not placed in solitary confinement and under 24-hour watch to assure his own survival?
  1. Who ordered that Epstein be removed from suicide watch?

Attorney General William Barr has stated that he is appalled that this event could have taken place. He is correct to be appalled and I applaud him for ordering the Inspector General and the FBI to investigate the circumstances of Epstein’s death. In fact, he would be wise to immediately impound Epstein’s body and sequester it at Quantico – or maybe even the highest security facility the military has to offer him – under the tightest security until a full forensic analysis can be completed, including examining the body for proof it is Epstein as well as evidence proving murder.

But that third and more important fact starring the American people in the face, which I alluded to in the opening paragraph, is this. If – and it would take a willing suspension of the rules of probability to believe it otherwise – Epstein’s death is, in fact, a murder and no one is held accountable for its manufacture, the American Justice system is broken beyond repair.

If the mega-wealthy and high-tier politically connected can override one of the most secure prison scenarios to assassinate an individual who has the wherewithal to implicate them in crimes; who threatens their elite lifestyle, then there is indeed an unrepairable two-tier justice system in the United States that allows the elitist class to murder and get away with it.

The credibility of the American Justice system rides on this singular case. Unless Attorney General Barr brings those who orchestrated the assassination of Jeffrey Epstein to justice – from the financier to the lowest-level prison officials who allowed it to happen under their watch – we can no longer claim blind justice in the United States. We will have inarguably devolved into a despotism that favors the elitists.

It is high noon and the very idea of American justice hangs in the balance. The Constitution is under attack. Let’s hope nothing happens to Attorney General Barr as we move forward.

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