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It’s Time to Bless God, America

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Published on: April 18, 2015

How grateful and thankful are you for everything you have in America? Lots of people are not very grateful, so I thought I would remind us that we should be.

There are many people in America who have no idea what it is like to really be in need of something, like water for example, because they have always had it. They just take for granted all the things they have (even if they are little things such as running water, a bed or a decent house to live in).

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Even simple things, such as cars, can be taken for granted. We do not know how much we are blessed to have cars and not have to walk for many miles a day to get to work as people in many areas of the world have to do. I saw a picture once that said, “Complain about transportation? Look at these people.” The picture showed a bunch of people walking on a rope to get to a destination while holding babies.

How about food? We take for granted the vast amounts of food we have. However, there are people in other countries, who have to work very, very hard in order to obtain a minimum amount of food each day. Even to put one meal on the table is a struggle in some parts of the world.

What about phones? There are many people in the world that do not have phones like you and I do, so their communication with others is limited.

Consider even the freedom we have in America to worship the One, true and living God. In many countries, it is considered a crime to do so and many people are put in jail for their faith in God.

We do not know how much we have in America. Almost all of us have Bibles (or the opportunity to have one) and have the ability to worship God and read the Bible wherever we go. In many countries, people have underground churches to be able to worship God and read the Bible. We live in a free country.

We should take advantage of everything that we have in this awesome land in which we live. This nation is built upon the foundation of the God of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Never forget that and do not take it for granted.

In America, we hear this all the time “God bless America.” What people have not realized is that God has blessed America. America has forgotten God. God has blessed America, now it is time for us to bless God and be grateful.

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