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It’s Time to Get Out of the Football Stadiums & Into the Fight!

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Published on: May 16, 2015

William Booth rightly said, “If you want to change the future, you’re going to have to trouble the present.” How right on he was! It is not enough to talk about the problem, but to do something about it!

For example, look at the Founding Fathers. They were threatened by King George to be hanged for their opposition to his tyranny, but did they say, “Sure, King George we’ll do whatever you say”? No! They kept going until they finally got what they wanted: A free country, the United States of America (And thank God they did)!

We could go on forever with people from the past that did not stand back, but rather stood up. Look at William Wallace. Although he was killed for standing against the King of England, he still got freedom for his people soon after that because he did not cower back at the threats that Longshanks (The King) gave him.

Nowadays, you hear everyone complaining about the problems we face in America. You also have the pastors of today saying, “Well, Jesus is coming back to rapture us out of this evil world.” About a week ago we got these cards in the mail saying, “‘Get out of my way, I got this’ -Your friend, God.” Many people want to be freed from responsibility.

My family and I recently found ourselves in Arizona at a National Day of Prayer gathering while we were waiting for someone to pick us up. I looked at what they were doing and they were praying and dancing. Yet, I wondered how many of those people were actually doing something about the problem that we face in America? Should we pray for America? Yes! But, we should do more than just pray (James 2:14-26)!

How often do you really see people motivated to action who are doing something about the problem? It seems that when people do actually take a stand for a minute, they cower back quickly because they do not want to offend anybody! Look at Ben Carson for example. He apologized for speaking out against the homosexuals. I am not saying that Ben Carson is a bad man, I am just saying that most people cower back when they feel a little heat.

Vernon Johns (A preacher who came before Martin Luther King, Jr.) was the pastor of a church who said to his congregation, “You sit here every Sunday praising Jesus, while every Saturday night you sit by and your watch your brothers and sisters being murdered!”

When MLK was in jail, he said to a friend, “Until the people stand up and say enough is enough, nothing is going to change.”

Why do we have abortion in America? Here is it in simple terms. We have Abortion in America because the people, namely the so-called Church in America are sitting down when they should be standing up (Proverbs 6:17)!

I saw a picture once of an aborted baby laying in a casket and the Church praying for him. Should they have prayed for him or should they have done something to protect and defend that precious life?

Some people are what we call “paper tigers,” who talk all big and bad, but what are they doing to right the wrongs in our country? I am sick of people saying how bad everything is, yet refuse to do something about it!

Our veterans gave their lives for us. Let’s not let their sacrifice go to waste. Mainly, let us look to the veteran of all veterans, Jesus Christ, for help, guidance and forgiveness for letting things in America get this bad (2 Corinthians 5:15).

Let’s do something about the problems that we have in our country today! Let’s get out of the football stadiums and into the fight for righteousness! As we like to say here at The Sons Of Liberty, “We can do this!”

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