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It’s Time To Get Resolutely Intolerant Of Liberalism In America

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Published on: September 3, 2020

Once upon a time, I wrote a regular column for the local Gannett fishwrap of record, having been recommended to the editor by the man who’d recently become our city’s mayor and abandoned his writing slot to avoid any conflicts of interest. Several years ago, I got kicked off of the paper by the same editor, who said that I spent too much ink “crying about communists.”

His words – hence the quotation marks.

Right now, I would defy anyone of sound mind to look at the photos or video footage out of Kenosha, Wisconsin, or Portland, Oregon, and argue that I spent too much ink “crying about communists.”

We’ve all heard the axiom, “Give someone an inch, and they’ll take a mile.” Nowhere has this been more true than in the case of liberalism in America. I’ve been saying for a long, long time that liberalism is simply communism or hard-line socialism on an installment plan. This has suddenly become terrifyingly evident to millions of Americans over the last month or so, even if they remain ignorant of the insidious dynamic that has been in play for over half a century in this area.

To a large extent, we only have ourselves to blame: In capitulating to every policy proposal or demand liberals have made over the last 50 years (either due to intimidation, our overly developed sense of fair play or subverted notions of the scope of the First Amendment), we have in essence given an inch so many times over that we have surrendered many miles in piecemeal form, and now find ourselves at a distinct tactical disadvantage.

I could squander a great deal of i

indeed citing examples of what 50 years of acceding to liberal demands has wrought, but all one need do is peruse the available news sources – or in some cases, merely look out the window – to experience this firsthand.

As we witness politicians exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to abuse their power, increasingly noxious protesters expanding domestic unrest, Affirmative Action mayors and police chiefs empowering the lowest common denominator among their constituents, America-hating congressional representatives disparaging our foundational values at every available opportunity and Democratic leaders calling for intensified violence and rioting, it is becoming apparent to even the dullest among us that we’ve given those who identify as left-of-center entirely too much latitude for entirely too much time.

It has also become apparent that this so-called racial justice movement and the violent demonstrations are not organic occurrences; rather, they have come about as a result of careful orchestration on the part of agencies that have yet to be clearly identified. Organic movements typically die out due to declining morale, or when their principals get what they want; in either case, they always have representatives articulating clear desires or demands. Such movements are not usually driven by unlocal yahoos bent on mindless destruction, and they typically don’t persist. The rioters we’re seeing now are foot soldiers; they’re on a mission, and that mission has objectives.

Americans representing all socioeconomic sectors and demographics are now expressing their horror not only at all of the foregoing conditions, but at the magnitude of the lies being put forth daily by mealymouthed Democrats, far left politicos and the press intended to address or respond to these conditions. As leftist radicals across the country burn cities, murder people in the streets and attempt to extort money and materials from small businesses and even homeowners, these agencies are now blaming the president and white nationalist groups for the escalating violence. Such claims are so astonishingly preposterous that one has to wonder if these are appeals to the mentally enfeebled and no one else.

Donald Trump was elected as our president in 2016 for good reasons; among them were the electorate’s increasing discomfort with decades of encroaching socialism and the overreach of the Obama administration in this area. Since his inauguration, the fear and desperation of the Deep State Washington cabal has driven them to actions that have been exponentially worse by every conceivable metric. Considering this, we shouldn’t be at all surprised if President Trump secures re-election in November via a landslide of unprecedented proportions.

All of the foregoing, however, leaves us with the following question: Why, if liberalism has served as nothing more than the soft-socialist wedge that communists have used to push their agenda through incrementally, do we continue to tolerate liberalism as a legitimate political school of thought in America?

The answer? We shouldn’t. Not for one more damn minute.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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