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James Biden May Be More Dangerous to Joe Than Hunter (Video)

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Published on: February 15, 2023

After they sued Biden, they received an envelope filled with “blood-stained currency from a Middle Eastern country”

Republicans have focused on Hunter Biden, largely because of the laptops, the flagrant activities in Ukraine and China, the obscene criminality of his rampages, and the sheer amount of information, but the linkage between Hunter’s business affairs and his father remains much less documented than the more extended ties between Joe’s brother, James.

There’s been a long history of James’ business affairs and this is only the latest episode.

According to the documents, Jim told a former senior US Treasury official working as a private investigator that he was hired to negotiate with the Saudis ‘because of his position and relationship’ to VP Joe Biden – who led delegations to Saudi Arabia at the time.

‘[Biden] stated that he was often sent to meetings to represent Hill because ‘of course, the name didn’t hurt,’ and he was the former Vice-President’s brother, or words to that effect. He repeated this statement at least twice during the interview.

‘I asked specifically if he had attended a meeting with the Saudi Ministry of Trade in mid-February 2012 to receive the final payment for the work Hill had performed. He answered that, to the best of his memory, he had been at such a meeting, and that the reason he had attended was “because of his position and relationship” with his brother.’

In a May 2022 affidavit, Lankford & Reed partner V. Thomas Lankford described the alleged double-cross.

‘After many delays, a meeting was finally scheduled for mid-February, 2012, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,’ he wrote. ‘The Professional Firms were excluded from this meeting. Hill, acting through [its CEO, Irvin] Richter, sent Jim Biden – the then sitting Vice President’s brother.

‘Richter confided that he selected Biden because KSA [the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice-President who would be instrumental to the deal.

It gets creepier from there.

Sullivan added that he had a brief exchange with Jim’s attorney wife Sara, who told him ‘he doesn’t like us talking to people’.

The affidavit does not specify who ‘he’ refers to, but a source briefed on the case told that it was Joe Biden.

‘I didn’t ask for a further explanation since I was looking at two large men in dark suits, in a big black sedan parked on a side street looking directly into their house down the walkway I had just exited,’ Sullivan wrote. ‘I thought they were some type of security, probably Secret Service.’

Joe Biden’s family were not entitled to Secret Service protection at the time, as he had ended his term as Vice President.

‘Sara and I walked to my car. She told me that her husband and his brother were very close, and that they told each other everything. I reached inside to give her a card, and just as I did, a blue sedan, with a single male driving, pulled quickly into their driveway. She said ‘See what I mean?’

All of this gets a good deal creepier if we revisit a story that I had reported on back in October 2020.

“James Biden mentioned that his brother’s connections to labor unions and the Department of Veterans Affairs would help DMM expand its model nationwide,” a lawsuit filed by one company claims.

Mayor Anthony Court, a Democrat, recalls White constantly dropping Biden’s name.

White would later claim that Biden told him, “there’s not a single door in the country that we can’t open.”

Another partner was promised that their “model would be used by Joe Biden as part of his campaign.”

“We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden,” James Biden had once boasted. There’s no denying that. How else could a college dropout and failed nightclub owner be in demand around the world, or help score a billion dollar contract to build homes in Iraq?

After they sued Biden and his partners, they received an envelope filled with “blood-stained currency from a Middle Eastern country” linked to terrorists and a “torture ticket” resulting in an FBI investigation.

There was a federal probe back in 2020 that we haven’t heard from since.

James Biden has been a lot bolder in cashing in on Joe’s name and saying so. Hunter, if anything, was actually a good deal more discreet, even in the throes of his drugs and prostitution escapades leaving behind less of a trail tying in Joe than James did. And it’s James who may ultimately prove more dangerous to Joe.

Bidens’ people have framed his relationship with Hunter as a loving father trying to help his self-destructive son. All the laptop materials that were released only play into that narrative. But that same gameplan won’t work with James Biden. He’s not a desperate drug addict with kids. He’s a guy who got very rich because of his brother.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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