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James Wesley Rawles: “There is Great Cause for Concern About Our Individual Liberty”

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Published on: March 25, 2016

As more and more Americans continue to wake up to the stark reality of the situation that we find ourselves in, the need for dependable, timely information is only going to increase.  For those who have just awakened and are looking for answers, or if you have been awake awhile and need to enhance your knowledge, I cannot think of a better place to go than the website and book series of our guest today on NorthWest Liberty News, James Wesley Rawles.

After each interview with Jim I go away feeling smarter, and this time was no exception.  Jim opened with the dire economic condition that we find ourselves in worldwide, and an outlook that includes a deflationary collapse followed up by a hyperinflationary depression.  Next, Jim transitions into Constitutional matters and covers the erosion of our individual liberty; specifically, our First, Second and Fourth Amendment Rights.

Of course, we couldn’t let Jim get away without speaking about preparedness, which is exactly what we did the latter part of the broadcast.  On that topic, Jim covered the three most important in regards to prepping, and Jim even gives us insights on how to introduce your children to prepping in a non-threatening way.

For those of you who wish to know a bit more about Jim Rawles, I have included a brief bio below:

James Wesley Rawles is an American novelist and blogger who is best known for his recently-completed Patriots novel series. Rawles is a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer. He is the founder and Senior Editor of, which for the past 10 years has covered survival and preparedness topics from a Constitutionalist Christian libertarian perspective.  His latest novel is titled Land of Promise, the first book in The Counter-Caliphate Chronicles series.  This novel, set two decades in the future, describes the establishment of a Christian nation of refuge.

Article reposted with permission from Northwest Liberty News.

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