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James Wesley, Rawles Talks Prepping, Ebola & Citizen Journalism

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Published on: October 24, 2014

Jason and Jim had a chance to have James (Jim) Wesley, Rawles on the show to talk about his new book release, “Liberators” that circles around “The Crunch” incident. We touch on how important it is to use the tool of fiction to reach out to a much broader audience than is possible with just non-fiction. Jim talks about his past as an intelligence officer and how that work brought him to the realization that we are, as a nation, living in a “house of cards,” when it comes to our nation’s power grids, and thus led him to begin prepping. Jim outlines this and much more on the his pioneering website

We then discuss the Ebola Crisis that is unfolding, and the preparations that he and his family are taking to safeguard against this clear and present danger. We also speak of the unseen psychological threat that may be part of the pandemic hitting the US, and what could happen when medical, law enforcement, 1st responders, and those that work for public utilities decide to not go to work, and self-quarantine. This could cause more harm to our way of life than the virus itself.

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Jim is also formulator of the American Redoubt Movement, and discusses the evolution of the movement from its inception in March of 2011, to the present day.

We also touch on the importance of Citizen Journalism and the Constitutional First Amendment Press Association, which Jim founded with his son, that distributes free press credentials to any literate, adult, U.S. citizen.

This is a captivating interview with one of the leading voices of the prepping movement.


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