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Jihadi Ilhan Omar Plays The Victim: It’s A “Threat To National Security” To Kick Me Off Committees (Video)

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Published on: January 30, 2023

As ridiculous as it sounds, she actually said it.  This is the woman that apparently married her brother to get in the states, has a father who is a known terrorist in the states, committed adultery with another woman’s husband, married him and funded him hundreds of thousands of dollars, violated campaign finance laws, wants to tax Americans 90%, voted for paying jihadis by insurance companies when they commit suicide during jihad, backs the murder of the unborn and we’re to believe getting rid of her from a committee is a “threat to national security”?  Give me a break!

Omar’s comments came as she was removed by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and the reality is that many people were thrown off committees they were on previously when the alleged “opposing” party got into power and it had nothing to do with what she cited.  It’s all politics.  This is just another reason to dissolve the federal government.

“In modern American history, the punishment of stripping a member of Congress of their committee assignments has been reserved for only the most egregious wrongdoings,” Omar said. “Those convicted or indicted on corruption. Those who have engaged in bribery, sexual misconduct, encouraged violence, or other grave charges.”

That’s blatantly a lie and she knows it.  Now, she resorts to what she is good at, playing the victim.

“I have served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee for the past two years. Committees in which I have lived experience and expertise in,” she continued. “As a child who survived war, and lived in a refugee camp, I would have never imagined that I would one day have the opportunity to serve on a subcommittee on Africa Global Health and Global Human Rights.”

“I would not have believed that I would one day not just serve as the first African-born member of Congress but on a committee that oversees policies towards the continent. Kevin McCarthy’s purely partisan move to strip us of our committee is not only a political stunt but also a blow to the integrity of our democratic institution and a threat to our national security,” Omar claimed. “We are thankful to leader Jefferies and House Democrats and even some courageous Republicans for standing with us. If McCarthy wants to denigrate the integrity of the House and its committees, we will always stand up to these efforts.”

“If people have shown a propensity to either espouse anti-American, antisemitic views, do things that have put themselves in a compromised position including lying about classified information, it raises serious questions,” said Rep. Steve Scalise.

Omar is not the only one crying.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, you know the guy who was snuggling up with a Chinese spy and nothing was done to him except exalt him, echoed her sentiments.

I’m sure others say similar things, but this has been going on for some time and it’s just more WWE.  The time to dissolve the federal government has long been here.  We need to deal with it now.

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