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Joe Biden Insults Woman In New Hampshire: Media Outlets Give Him Pass – Call It “Joking”

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Published on: February 10, 2020

During campaigns and public appearances, there are usually an unnamed set of rules or decorum that politicians follow, particularly when answering questions – listen carefully, be respectful, appear sincere in the answer, provide an answer but not necessarily answering the question to avoid promising anything, and provide a statement related to the platform/party line before thanking the individual for their question.  However, that is not what has happened in the Joe Biden campaign.  In a recent appearance in New Hampshire, former vice-president Joe Biden called a young woman in attendance a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, which all media outlets, including alternative media are calling a “joking response”.  Both The Daily Caller and Breitbart News reported on the incident but failed to acknowledge the response as an inappropriate “joke” at an inappropriate time.

According to The Daily Caller, New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi tweeted she had never heard that response before, didn’t know what it meant, and called it the “best insult of all time”.   Yahoo! News’ Sharon Weinberger indicated that Biden had used the term before and believed it was from a John Wayne movie.  However, she couldn’t verify that and called on John Wayne fans to confirm.  Biden did use that term in a 2018 attack against North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer (R), which Biden himself claimed it was from a John Wayne movie.

Haris Alic, writing for Breitbart News, called his inappropriate name-calling “lighthearted” but it recalled other tense altercations with voters in recent weeks.  Alic recalled an incident last month where Biden pushed an elderly voter and told the man to “go vote for someone else” when the two disagreed on the hoax of climate change.

Evidently, no one exactly knows what calling a woman a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” is referring.  Well, one individual commenting on the article at Breitbart News explained it all.

Commenter felix1999 wrote, “A pony soldier is a cavalryman, who rides horses. When women ‘ride ponies’, the meaning is different. Biden is referring to pony sex, which means pretty much what it says. Lying means she lies, and dog-faced means she is ugly, which may be why she uses ponies. Overall, this is one of the most insulting things anyone can call a woman. In the Opera Carmen, when another woman accuses Carmen of this type of activity, Carmen cuts her face up with a razor-sharp knife. This insult is very rare.”

It’s understandable that the lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia (LGCEE) would give “Gaffing” Joe Biden a pass, but alternative media?  Both The Daily Caller and Breitbart News pegged Hillary Clinton when she called Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables”.  Granted, Biden was insulting a supposed potential voter for his campaign;  but, it doesn’t excuse his inappropriate insult while campaigning for the nomination to run for president.

Madison, the female student Biden insulted, prefaced her question by stating it might seem “mean”, which prompted Biden to take off his jacket as the attendees laughed.  Her question, though, was not mean;  it was one to get clarification.

She asked, “How do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win a national election?”

It’s a valid question deserving of a response without an insult.  Biden’s insult came after asking the young woman if she had been to a caucus and she replied yes.  His response was inappropriate by calling the woman a liar then heaping a huge insult upon her.

What happens?  Biden is given a “pass” by the LGCEE as well as two big names in alternative media.  Writer Haris Alic indicated Biden’s “mood on the campaign trail has not helped the situation”.  Several commenters referenced Biden’s alleged dementia.  One commenter labeled his insult as “contempt” while another called it “Joesplaining”.  Another called out all media outlets for headlining Biden’s comment as “jokingly” while Trump joked about Russia “finding” 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s lost emails as a serious request for Russian interference in the election.

There is no getting around that President Trump has made numerous inappropriate comments particularly on Twitter, which were unnecessary, which were called out by the media.  And, it’s known that Joe Biden gaffes quite a bit.  But, to let this comment by Joe Biden, which is a glaring insult to women, stand using the excuse of “joking” by all media outlets is disappointing, to say the least.  An insult hurled, even when attempting to disguise it and media labeling it as a joke, is still an insult and inappropriate and unnecessary under any circumstances.

Many noticed the young woman’s reaction to the insult by Biden, and all agreed the woman did not consider it a joke.  But, all media outlets are giving Good Ol’ Uncle Joe a pass.  It’s disgusting.

And, what are the other candidates and Biden’s unconstitutional “party” president saying about this?  Yeah, it’s a cricket brigade.  What is the opposing unconstitutional “party” members saying?  Yeah, another cricket brigade.

What this indicates is the media outlets, the candidates, and the unconstitutional “party” has no problem with this behavior by Biden.  It appears the previously mentioned consider voters as so low on the totem pole insulting them is acceptable.  By the silence of the opposing side of the aisle, they see no problem with it as well.

This should send a clear message to all voters about the potential presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle and what both unconstitutional parties, as well as all media outlets, think about the average individual voter.  They don’t care.  And, why don’t they care?  As Joseph Stalin pointed out, “it matters not who votes, but who counts the votes”.  Get the picture?

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