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John Kerry Proves Humanists are Bad Apologists for Islam

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Published on: December 31, 2014

Don’t you hate when someone tries to get involved in an argument? Though they have really nothing to add to the discussion, they cannot help themselves. They have no real understanding of the topic, but they have to say something. This seems to be the attitude of John Kerry this week. He has now taken up the argument of the Islamist who claims that there is no connection between ISIS and Islam; that ISIS is not religiously motivated. Therefore, he refuses to use their Arabic name.

The reason for this seems to be that John Kerry hopes to gain support from the Muslim community at large. Yet, this points out several problems with this administration’s approach to the Middle East. They have no point of reference from which to understand the Muslim and especially those who are willing to kill and die for an Islamic State.

The humanist cannot understand the desire to obey God. You see, the humanist has no religious convictions as such. That is not to say that they are not religious. The humanist is religious, but not in the sense that he seeks to understand and obey the commands of God (Romans 8:5-8).

The Islamist believes that Allah has commanded that they make all the world Muslim. They are not to stop this mission until every nation and person are under Islamic law (Sharia).

Now, there are those who believe that this is to be done through peaceful, non-coercive means. However, there are others, nearly one-third of the world’s Muslim population, who believe it is to be done using any means.

That means that the violence we have seen over the past forty years has little to do with the land grabbing and greed that usually accompanies Western wars. These people are fighting to obey what they claim God has told them to do for Him.

This is not to say that they are right in their understanding of Islam. They very well could be, but I am not one to make such statements. I can only say what I see Islam producing. It has spread death and violence everywhere it has gone.

I do not mind discussing the issue of Postmillennialism versus Premillennialism with someone who holds to either, but I do not want John Kerry telling me what the Bible teaches. I see no reason to believe that he has repented of his sins and believes the gospel of Jesus Christ. So then, this means that he has little or no real understanding of the issue. Second, even if he had studied the issue, he is an outsider seeking to meddle.

This is how it is being perceived by most Muslims in the region. Once again, a Westerner trying to tell the Muslim what he believes. This is not going to dissuade the poor Iraqi boy, who is told by his Imam that the Muslim faith will one day cover all the earth. No, he will not hear John Kerry. His lack of understanding of those who are religiously motivated shows a lack of ability.

We must not call white black or black white, nor secular that which is sacred. We should not hate Muslims, but we must say that our enemy is seeking to set up an Islamic State (Caliphate). This also must include fighting ISIS and leave the theological discussion to the Muslim.


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