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Justin Trudeau Gets Heckled In House Of Commons – Told To End Mandates Based On Real Science (Video)

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Published on: February 9, 2022

The spineless, Islamic worshiping traitor to his people Justin Trudeau was heckled in the House of Commons this week as the representatives of the people demanded that based upon real science, he end the tyrannical mandates he has imposed against the people.

The Expose has the story.

PM Trudeau struggled to get a word in as the opposition drowned him out multiple times when he tried to promote more mandates, but still managed to suggest the mandates currently in place were there to avoid more restrictions being put in place, it was reported today.

Canadians, just as many other countries, have endured restrictions to their lives enforced by the overreaching government and have been forced to comply with lockdowns, mask mandates, and even vaccine passports.

It would appear now that the Canadians are saying enough is enough, and that includes the Canadian ministers, which was seen in the Canadian House of Commons, today when it erupted in calls to end the COVID 19 hysteria that has been fueled by PM Trudeau (source)

Anthony Rota, the Speaker of the House of Commons, was overseeing a debate on the COVID-19 agenda when the leader of the opposition, Conservative Candice Bergen stood up and said “the Chair of the Quebec Liberal Caucus has said it was time to stop the divisiveness, and the politicisation and end the mandates.”

“We Conservatives could not agree more”, Bergen said, and added ”This cannot be a slow and drawn-out process simply because of the Prime Misters ego, pride or denial, Canadians are too tired, Canadians need hope”  

So will the Prime Minister follow the science, follow the evidence, end the restrictions, end the mandates.” 

He said the “government has been focused … on following the best science, following the best public health advice to keep as many people safe as possible. Quite frankly, it’s worked. And I can understand frustrations with mandates. But mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions.”

Bergen called upon the man-child last week to hear the people and speak to them to no avail.

Here’s the videos of what transpired.

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