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Kansas to Defund Planned Parenthood

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Published on: January 15, 2016

There has been much made about state funding of Planned Parenthood. There are those who have come out in favor of cutting all funding. Many of these states have found themselves in the middle of lawsuits. Several states have been told that they do not have the authority to make such cuts to Medicaid. But another state has stepped up to take on the giant murder factory.

Christian News reports:

During his State of the State address on Tuesday, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback announced that he has ordered the state Department of Health and Environment to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, making Kansas the eighth state to do so.

“In 2011, I signed legislation stopping most taxpayer funding from going to Planned Parenthood. The time has come to finish the job,” he declared.

“Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby body parts is antithetical to our belief in human dignity,” Brownback stated, noting that he has consequently directed Kansas Department of Health Secretary Susan Mosier to “ensure that not a single dollar of taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood” for Medicaid. He also asked legislators to submit a bill that would enshrine the move into state law.

This would mean that the state of Kansas would make it illegal to give funding to the abortion giant, but Planned Parenthood has vowed not to take this laying down.

Christian News reports:

Elise Higgins, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said that the group will fight Brownback’s efforts.

“I am disappointed on behalf of the women who rely on us for health care that the governor has chosen to make them his political scapegoat,” she told the Associated Press.

If other court cases involving states and Planned Parenthood are any indication, this will possibly not go well for Kansas. Unlike many, however, they are, at least, attempting to stop the murder of the innocent. He called on all of Kansas to stand against Planned Parenthood.

Christian News continued:

“We must keep working to protect our most innocent Kansans, the unborn,” Brownback declared. “We have become the shining city on the hill and the champions of life. … Kansas was founded on the principal that every life has dignity, that every life has beauty, that every life has value.”

The governor, a Roman Catholic, also posted about his move on Facebook, reiterating that “[t]rafficking of #babybodyparts is antithetical to our belief in human dignity. No more Kansas Medicaid dollars will go to Planned Parenthood. #defundpp #prolife

But, we have to see that this fight would be wholly unnecessary if our Federal representatives would do their jobs. Had the organization been charged with wrongdoing and fined out of existence, then there would be no need for states to fight this battle.

But, we should note that politicians do not fight their friends. There are those who are, apparently, on the take. They talk about the sanctity of life; they speak of the sin of abortion, but then they vote to support Planned Parenthood.

As St. Paul says, these people should be marked out. We should remember their names, come election time because it is time that we realized that it is better to deal with the wolf you can see than the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Thank God for Gov. Brownback. We should pray that he is successful in the fight that is sure to come.


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