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Kasich Parrots GOP Establishment with Illegal Alien Invasion Amnesty Rhetoric

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Published on: September 1, 2015

Every 2016 GOP presidential nominee candidate is jumping on some type of “immigration reform” bandwagon since Donald Trump opened the discussion by releasing his immigration plan to deal with our unsecured southern border and millions of illegal alien invaders currently residing in the nation. Earlier this month, Ohio Governor and 2016 GOP presidential nominee hopeful John Kasich appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation and outlined his plan for dealing with illegal aliens in the nation, the open southern border and those crossing after his plan is in place. Evidently, Kasich stands by his proposal as indicated in his Fox News interview with Greta Van Susteren.

On Monday, Susteren asked Kasich, “What is your idea how to address the illegal immigration issue?”

Kasich responded, continuing his push for amnesty, while declaring to “build a wall.”

In a nutshell, I would build the wall, and I would use the sensor and the technology. I would make it clear that anybody that tries to come over that wall, no more excuses. You are going back.

“But I would have a guest worker program so people could come in, work and then return.

“And then for the 11 to 12 million that are here, if you are law-abiding, then we will give you a path to legalization. You’ll have to pay a fine. You’ll have to wait. You’ll have to assimilate.

“For those that violated the law, they are either going to be deported or put in prison. But for those that are law-abiding, a path to legalization is, I think, it can be accomplished, I think that is a sweet spot in terms of what the American people will accept, and I think also something that could pass the Congress of the United States.”

To whom are these politicians referring when they spout their plan claiming it is what “the American people will accept?”

The favorite rhetoric of these politicians appears to be, “for the 11 to 12 million that are here, if you are law-abiding, then we will give you a path to legalization.” Breaking immigration law to enter this country illegally means commission of a crime. Regardless of whether the illegal alien invader follows all other US laws, the individual remains a law-breaker, a criminal, and technically not “law-abiding.” Kasich, along with other GOP presidential nominee candidates, overlooks that little infraction of committing a crime by breaking immigration law.

Kasich contends that after building the wall, anyone crossing will receive a “no more excuses” attitude; they will be deported. Tell everyone, Gov. Kasich, since when is there an “excuse” for violating immigration law or any other law for that matter? While there are “reasons” a person violates the law that fall under altruism, such as stealing to feed their starving child, stealing and theft remain a violation of the law. Surely, we are not to believe that criminals from Mexico and Central America are coming here for altruistic reasons.

Almost immediately after claiming these “illegal alien invader wall jumpers” would be “going back,” Kasich stated, “they are either going to get deported or put in prison.” Excuse me? The American taxpayers are sick and tired of their tax dollars supporting illegal alien invader criminals in our prison system. We prefer immediate deportation. And, answer us all this Gov. Kasich; what happens after the illegal alien invader serves his/her prison term if he/she is not deported? Will deportation occur then or will these “criminals” be released onto the streets of America creating another illegal alien invader issue to be resolved years later after the can is kicked down the road?

Despite a record number of American unemployed — approximately 95 million, at last count — Kasich still supports a guest worker program. Really? That program only benefits corporations and “guest workers,” not any US citizen. What actions will violators of Visa programs and guest workers who overstay their Visas face? One need not wonder whose side these GOP politicians are taking on immigration. It’s out in the open — corporations and illegal alien invaders.

Kasich still misses the point on border security. A wall with “sensor and technology” is not enough. A wall could be made out of cardboard — it’s still a wall but has little effect on preventing entry. Sensors and technology in combination with a wall sounds great; however, sensors and technology do not equate to “enforcement.” Where is the plan for monitoring and enforcement with adequate personnel? Where is Kasich’s plan on the “rules of engagement” to thwart illegal alien invader crossings and a definitive on what to do once catching the invaders? Better yet, where is the statement that US immigration laws will be enforced? Where is Kasich’s addressing of “sanctuary cities?” He doesn’t address these issues; nor does any other GOP establishment candidate.

Jeb Bush supports the same idea as Kasich — a path to legalization. Bush has gone so far to admit these people broke the law by entering illegally; but, he claims it is “an act of love,” not a felony, and an “act of commitment to family.” According to Bush, “I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime that there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.” Bush believes illegal alien invaders should pay a price should for coming to this country illegally. However, his price is amnesty with a path to legalization — just like Obama, the Democrats, establishment GOP candidates, and Kasich.

These political charlatans need to face family members who have lost loved ones murdered by illegal alien invaders. Each should look these family members straight in the eye and tell each one these illegal alien invaders committed an “act of love and an act of commitment to family” by entering illegally. Maybe if one of these family members slapped one of these politicians into next week so far it would take them until Friday to get back, it might jar their brain enough to restart the synapses firing.

None of these politicians has talked to any US citizens about their “immigration plan.” They are repeating the “party line” while declaring Americans would accept “their plan.” It’s a lie that when repeated often will become truth — or at least it will in their low synapses firing brain. Does anyone really believe there are only 11 to 12 million illegal alien invaders in this nation? That’s what politicians are peddling but the majority of US citizens know that to be inaccurate or an outright lie.

The fact is regardless of Republican or Democrat party affiliation, most politicians are clamoring for amnesty, pushing for amnesty and campaigning to reward amnesty to criminals. The motivating factor for Democrats is increasing their voter base while corporate donors motivate Republicans to provide them with “cheap labor.” No candidate from the GOP establishment is listening to the people. Instead, they continue with their “rhetoric that makes for good political theater.”

As it is with Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Kasich, it’s BS. Here’s a challenge for every 2016 GOP presidential campaign nominee.

Develop a plan dealing with illegal alien invader and legal immigration based on your “rhetoric.” In it, address physical deterrents such as a wall, describing the type of wall, dimensions, materials of construction, fortifications at critical entry points, flanking towers, guard posts and offices to include the distance separating each and estimated completion date. Along the line of deterrents, address the use of technology — sensor, cameras, manual patrol, and/or aerial vehicles to monitor and provide surveillance. Next, outline details including personnel assigned to secure the border, including rules of engagement for thwarting illegal crossings and dealing with those who actually crossed. Regarding immigration law, state, plainly, if you will or will not enforce it. Particularly, the plan should address dealing with illegal alien invaders currently in the US, the “anchor baby” provision in US immigration law, sanctuary cities, illegal alien invaders that have committed crimes in addition to violation of immigration law, legal immigration, Visa programs and violators and awarding social services to illegal alien invaders and immigrants that should only be accessed by US citizens. And by all means, address “refugee” and “asylum” status.

If any candidate is against a wall or physical deterrent, explain why. If the reason is “fences won’t work,” explain why the physical deterrent will not work in the US — any reason involving Mexico or another foreign government and foreign relations to include the UN is invalid. Each candidate should explain why measures implemented at Area 51 work there but would not work along our borders when addressing deterrents. If “amnesty” is the platform, explain why amnesty is the only answer — “act of love and commitment to family” along with humanitarian reasons are invalid — as amnesty amounts to refusing to enforce the law. Explain why deportation of the “11 to 12 million” illegal alien invaders is off the table since it has been done before by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. For the record, an accurate accounting of the number of illegal alien invaders residing in the US is necessary for your plan.

Do the work and present it to the people. Donald Trump laid his out there for everyone in the US to read, review and study. The only reason you have for not following Trump’s example is not wanting to be held accountable when you violate your hypocritical rhetoric in not securing the border while providing amnesty in violation of immigration law. After all, Congress, as the legislative body, is responsible for passing immigration law and any changes to it. The job of the president is to “insure the laws are faithfully executed.” So, the response is actually very simple — do you know what your job entails as president according to the Constitution and will you do that job?

Hint: Every candidate was just provided the answer to the challenge issued. Wonder if they would even realize it if reading this?

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