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Kentucky Principal Confesses to Stealing His Students’ Nude Pictures

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Published on: January 6, 2017

There are few things that are wrecking more lives in our culture than that of pornography.
Homes, families, marriages all are drawn down into the destructive force that is trapping more and more people. It has been called an epidemic, and many consider it to be an addiction.

What’s worse is the fact that like all sin, it is not the end, but the means to worse and more perverse things. It starts with pictures until that becomes boring. Then, on to videos. The next thing you know, you are considering actual affairs. However, for some, the road can get darker and faster than with others. This is likely the case for a man in Kentucky.

Fox reports:

A fired Kentucky high school principal has admitted to seizing students’ phones so that he could steal pornographic images and trade them online, investigators said.

Stephen Kyle Goodlett, 36, of Elizabethtown, was indicted Wednesday in Louisville on federal charges of possessing and transporting child pornography. Last month, he pleaded not guilty to 63 state felony child porn charges.

Goodlett admitted to Kentucky State Police investigators that he has a pornography addiction, and that as principal of LaRue County High School, he searched for nude pictures on phones confiscated from students, said Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Brady Oberholtzer in a federal complaint.

Goodlett would find and download the pictures to his device and then trade it online for other pictures. All of the pictures were of under-aged victims. He was driven by this to go further until it has landed him in jail.

He was a man with a wife and kids, headed up the proverbial ladder. Now he has lost it all, even his freedom.

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