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Klaus Schwab’s Minion Yuval Noah Harari: Rise of Technology Will Make Humans ‘Unnecessary’ & ‘Useless’ – “What Do We Need Humans For?” (Video)

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Published on: March 30, 2022

Klaus Schwab, the Nazi head of the World Economic Forum, has a Zionist advisor by the name of Yuval Noah Harari.  Harari is such a perverted man in his contemplation of the world and, in particular, mankind.  This is a result of a perverted view of God, the Creator, as well.  Recently, he said that they will develop technology to the point that humans will no longer be needed and even said that men were “unnecessary” and “useless.”

First, consider his blasphemy against the Creator as he seeks to be just like his daddy, the devil, and exalt himself and his “intelligent design” above God’s.

Now, listen as he speaks of the rise of technology and how it will make humans “unnecessary” and “useless.”

“Different parts of humanity might have different futures, and we might see, really, a process of some kind of speciation,” he said.

You can view the entire video here.

He would go on to say, “And then the big political and economic question of the 21st century will be: what do we need humans for? Or at least. What do we need SO MANY humans for?

Let me be blunt.  This man is a devil that needs to be arrested for advancing what is clearly a genocide proposal.  His intention is to not help his fellow creatures in the manner the Bible commands, which is out of love, but rather he is set on advancing his technology and knowledge to the point where he no longer needs other humans, and then what will his solution be for all the “useless eaters”?  The same thing every other tyrant wanna-be has had, kill them.

There can be no doubt that this man, along with Klaus Schwab have a future for mankind and that is death and destruction.

While Klaus Schwab has declared that men will have nothing and be happy, I believe we should be those that make sure men like this have the tables turned on them and justice rendered upon their wicked heads.

I think we could safely add Mr. Harari to the long and growing list of criminals against humanity, don’t you think?

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