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Knightstown, Indiana Tells ACLU Who is Boss in Lawsuit over Town Christmas Display

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Published on: December 13, 2016

In our country, we have gotten to the point that the one who cries the loudest wins. No matter what the issue is, if we scream and cry enough, people will eventually give us our way. This is the way they raise their children and the way our government and courts are run.

This is very clear to see when the issue is religion, especially if that religion is Christianity. People do not want to see or hear anything that could be construed as Christian. Atheists have come to a place that they think they have the right to be free from all religious symbols or language.

But one town has decided to push back against this childish oppression.

The Washington Times reports:

Residents of Knightstown, Indiana, are protesting the American Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuit against the town’s Christmas display by displaying hundreds of crosses in their yards, vehicles and store windows.

The ACLU recently sued Knightstown on behalf of resident Joseph Tompkins, saying the cross on top of the town’s Christmas tree violates his First Amendment rights. The suit demands that the cross be removed and the town pay Mr. Tompkins damages for being “forced to come into direct and unwelcome contact with the cross display,” a local Fox News affiliate reported.

In response to the lawsuit, hundreds of residents in the town of 2,100 people have reportedly put up crosses in their yards and windows.

Not all the people see the cross as having religious significance. Some see it as memorializing loss and separation. But whatever the reason, this should be the response of all freedom loving Americans.

You think you’re entitled to damages because you looked at a cross, then you will see one everywhere you turn.

Good job Knightstown.

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