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“Largest Single Group Ever!”: More Than 1,500 Illegal Aliens Filmed Crossing US Border – Where Is The Constitutional Militia To “Repel Invasions”?

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Published on: December 18, 2022

For more than a decade we have actually witnessed the US government shirking its responsibilities when it comes to the invasion of these united States by illegal aliens, and not only are they allowing it, they are encouraging it!  Just this year along, up to 6.4 million illegals may enter the US.  Now, what’s being called the “largest single group ever” to cross the US southern border, more than 1,500 illegals were filmed on Sunday night.

El Paso Matters reports: “More than 1,500 migrants wade across Rio Grande into El Paso Sunday night”:

In one of the largest mass crossings ever in the region, more than 1,500 migrants waded across the Rio Grande from Juárez into El Paso Sunday night.

“Welcome to the United States!” a young man in the middle of the Rio Grande shouted to the hundreds of migrants arriving at the border from shelters in Juárez on Sunday night. “You made it!”

The migrants who crossed Sunday night were in a group of hundreds of migrants who were escorted by Chihuahua State Police from the city of Jiménez to Juárez earlier in the day in a caravan of 20 buses. The buses split up in Juárez and brought migrants to the Leona Vicario and Kiki Romero shelters.

The migrants said they were from Nicaragua, Peru and Ecuador.

Take a look.

The treasonous usurper Joe Biden commented several years ago that “Whites will be an absolute minority in America,” saying that it was a “source of our strength.”

Todd Bensman commented:

Total known illegal border crossings stand at a record-breaking 4.4 million since President Joe Biden’s inauguration with another 1.5 million estimated ‘got-aways’ believed to have slipped into the country undetected.

Interior deportations are at the lowest number ever and the percentage of global nationalities crossing is at the highest percentage ever.

Still, this pandemonium of 7,000-9,000 illegal crossers caught every single day, 200,000-plus every single month for two years straight, is just a Category 3 hurricane on the mass migration-scale.

A Category 5 is barreling down on the United States with the scheduled December 21 lifting of ‘Title 42,’ the one last real impediment to a next-level crisis far beyond, not just the American experience, but that of every nation in the developed world.

Bensman then went on to report on the entire “asylum” issue:

This failed asylum system hamstrings deportation and mainlines illegal immigrants straight into America, pretty much forever, for the low, low cost of a tale of woe that need never be proven.

Don’t take my word for it.

‘I have to be honest about the asylum laws and the processing,’ former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson recently told Face the Nation. ‘It takes six years right now to process an asylum claim once someone has entered this country.’

‘One of the problems is that the bar to qualify initially … is relatively low,’ he continued. ‘Something like 70 percent of migrants qualify who seek it, and the ultimate qualification for asylum, the percentage there is about 20 percent, and there’s six years in-between.’

Let me repeat Johnson’s remarks for emphasis – 70 percent of migrants seeking asylum are allowed into America. Only 20 percent are eventually granted asylum.

‘Migrants know this, and so we’ve got to develop a system where we can more expeditiously deal with these claims…’ Johnson concluded. ‘I know my friends on the left won’t be too happy to hear that.’

Now look for a minimum of 12,000 people a day crossing to get at ‘our legal system’ after the demise of Title 42, according to U.S. intelligence community estimates leaked last spring.

Today’s historic, crushing, border-collapsing 200,000 a month would spike to 340,000 a month, or potentially 4.3 million a year if that level is sustained.

And that’s at the lower end of the scale.

Clearly, this is why the militia has been demonized and has been largely non-existent for decades.  It’s time to rebuild the militia outlined in Article I of the US Constitution and not only deal with this invasion, but the traitors in our midst not only allowing it but encouraging it.  For more on what you can do in your community to advance this solution, check out

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