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The Last Best Hope for America is a Constitutional President with a Veto Pen

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Published on: December 17, 2015

The House of Representatives, stacked and packed with Republicans, passed a bill that gives conservatives nothing and gives President Obama everything. This omnibus bill is a grotesque monstrosity. It demonstrates why, as Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama put it, voters are “in open rebellion.”

It fully funds Planned Parenthood, despite the revelations that the abortion provider is trafficking in baby body parts so its executives can drive around in Lamborghinis. All you need to know about this misbegotten budget bill is that Planned Parenthood loves it.

The abortion provider’s vice president Dana Singiser couldn’t say enough about the Democrats and their Republican acolytes who made sure that not one dollar is missing from the $528.4 million taxpayers are sending to this baby-butchering chain of abattoirs. She praised lawmakers for “holding the line” against “extreme members of Congress” who want to protect the right of unborn babies to draw their first breath.

The Republican budget rejects a provision that would have increased vetting for refugees from Syria and Iraq, among whom are Muslims of ISIS determined to blow us to kingdom come. Since, according to the FBI, it is impossible to vet Syrian refugees, this is nothing more than the GOP hanging out a brightly lit neon welcoming sign to jihadists.

The Republicans have larded up the bill with goodies for Obama to keep fighting the non-existent problem of global warming. It has special breaks for NASCAR and people who own racehorses, at a time when we are $18.5 trillion in debt and headed for financial oblivion.

And it’s Republicans doing this to us, the very people we voted for because they promised us they were going to clean up this mess!

Let’s not forget that every spending bill must begin in the House, a House that has been controlled by the Republican Party since 2010. What this means is that Republican fingerprints are all over every bloated budget for the last six years. President Obama cannot spend one thin dime without approval from Republicans in the House.

Don’t let them lie to you and tell you how Obama is driving the national debt to galactic levels. Republicans authorized every last bit of it. The debt belongs to Republicans in the House every bit as much as it belongs to President Obama.

This budget is likely to pass with more Democrat votes than Republican ones, and thus is almost certainly a violation of Speaker Paul Ryan’s solemn pledge to observe the Hastert Rule, a rule designed to prevent any bill from reaching the House floor if it’s not supported by a majority of House Republicans. That’s the rule that John Boehner, the previous Speaker, ignored with alarming regularity and why he’s now in permanent retirement. In other words, new speaker, same as the old.

Republicans told us in 2010 we can’t do anything to stop Obama because we’re a minority in the House. So we promptly gave them a Republican majority in the House. Still Obama got everything he wanted.

Republicans then bleated, it’s not enough to have the House, we can’t do anything because the Senate keeps getting in our way. So we promptly gave them a majority in the Senate in 2014. Nothing, absolutely nothing changed.

In fact, things got worse. Now their excuse is we can’t do anything because the president keeps getting in our way. First, we can’t do anything unless we have the House. Then it was we can’t do anything unless we have the Senate. Now it’s we can’t do anything unless we have the Oval Office. In other words, all we are ever going to get from a Republican majority in Congress is a sickening laundry list of excuses.

Thus we have seen the bitter truth that it’s become functionally useless to send Republicans to Congress. They will lie to us to get elected, and then betray us virtually as soon as they cross the Potomac.

So what’s left? There is only one last, best hope to reclaim the political future of America.

And that is to elect a president with conservative values and a veto pen loaded with red ink. A president who has proven in his political career that he will stand alone against even the members of his own party to oppose perfectly horrible legislation. A president who has proven he is willing to see government grind to a halt if necessary to stop horrid bills from becoming law.

A president who will veto a grotesque budget bill like this one without batting an eye. A president who doesn’t care how many people get ticked off at him for stopping one bloated, unconstitutional budget after another. A president who will dare Congress to override his vetoes of bad budgets and bad legislation, and who will take his case directly to the American people.

If you can identify a presidential candidate who fits that bill, vote for him in the primaries, vote for him in the general election, and take as many of your friends with you as you can.

For that president will be our last, best hope.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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