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Lawsuit Filed Against Merck Pharmaceuticals Due To Gardasil Vaccine Injury, The Parallel For Coronavirus Vaccine (Video)

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Published on: August 28, 2020

If you listened to the Sons of Liberty Radio show with Tim Brown in the afternoon on August 27, 2020, you heard the discussion on Human genome 8: primary assembly being identical to what the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) is calling the “coronavirus”. During that show, the Gardasil vaccine for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) was also discussed and the problems with it being fast-tracked and causing injected individuals to suffer terrible injuries and in some cases death. It seems as though one of the manufacturers of the HPV Gardasil vaccine, Merck Pharmaceuticals, is now facing a lawsuit because the injured woman claimed the company “misled the FDA, legislators, doctors, and moms about the safety and efficacy of its Gardasil vaccine”. As mentioned in the show, the Gardasil vaccine was fast-tracked, side-stepping many safeguards, and the clinical trials and studies did not follow accepted standards for determining medication safety.

Julia Balasco, the 19-year-old woman who brought the suit, has suffered severe and permanent injuries that include an autoimmune disorder known as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) after receiving multiple injections of the Merck Gardasil vaccine. Her lawsuit claims that Merck purposely downplayed the dangers of Gardasil’s ingredients that include a proprietary aluminum compound (amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulphate or AAHS), which is a potential neurotoxin, as well as “secret and potentially hazardous DNA particles.”

If you recall from the show, the DNA of the human papillomavirus is virtually identical (a 95-98% match) to the Rhesus Monkey Papillomavirus (RMPV). The tool used to determine this was the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) contained at the NIH. The Rhesus Monkey Papillomavirus was contained in the injectable Salk Polio vaccine administered to the public from the mid-1950s to the early 1960s. Injecting an individual with Gardasil, whose grandparents or parents received the injectable Salk Polio vaccine that carried the RMPV, has the potential of developing an autoimmune disorder, where the created antibodies from the vaccine attack the human cells containing dormant RMPV. This results in the Gardasil vaccine causing the immune system to attack its human host. And, this autoimmune disorder can be postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome – a condition where going from a lying to a standing position causes an abnormally large increase in heart rate. has the story.

Apparently, Merck failed to properly test Gardasil before the HPV vaccine was fast-tracked and then administered to millions of young girls and boys throughout the world. Furthermore, Merck knew or had reason to know that its vaccine was not even effective but did not warm the medical community nor the public. “The company wrongfully concealed information and further made false statements concerning the safety and efficacy of Gardasil.”

Why This Is Important: This is important because it’s not an isolated incident. Injuries as a result of HPV vaccination have happened quite a bit, and that includes deaths. The HPV vaccine has constantly come under the scrutiny of published peer-reviewed science by a number of independent researchers.

For example, a study  published in Clinical Rheumatology exposes how vaccine manufacturers used phoney placebos in clinical trials to conceal a wide range of devastating risks associated with HPV vaccines. Instead of using genuine inert placebos and comparing health impacts over a number of years, as is required for most new drug approvals, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline spiked their placebos with a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant and cut observation periods to a matter of months.

Mary Holland, Mary Holland, J.D., who recently retired as the directer of the NYU School of Law actually published a book about this type activity by big pharma. The book is called “The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed.”

Again, there are multiple examples of HPV vaccine injuries, which is why Japan, for example, stopped recommending it. “Sacrificial Virgins” is one of multiple films to tackle an issue that continues to largely go unacknowledged and it provides more examples.

Jennifer Robi is a 24-year-old former athlete and scholar who has been confined to a wheelchair since receiving her third Gardasil vaccines at age sixteen. She suffers continual uncontrolled neuro/muscular contractions (jerking) and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and many other symptoms of systemic autoimmune dysregulation. You can read more about that story here.

Recently, The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine published a new study, which is one of multiple studies on the Gardasil vaccine, that questioned the vaccines efficacy. The conclusion is lengthy; however, the summary is as follows:

We conducted a critical appraisal of published Phase 2 and 3 efficacy trials in relation to the prevention of cervical cancer in women. Our analysis shows the trials themselves generated significant uncertainties undermining claims of efficacy in these data. There were 12 randomised control trials (RCTs) of Cervarix and Gardasil. The trial populations did not reflect vaccination target groups due to differences in age and restrictive trial inclusion criteria. The use of composite and distant surrogate outcomes makes it impossible to determine effects on clinically significant outcomes. It is still uncertain whether human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination prevents cervical cancer as trials were not designed to detect this outcome, which takes decades to develop. Although there is evidence that vaccination prevents cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 1 (CIN1) this is not a clinically important outcome (no treatment is given). Trials used composite surrogate outcomes which included CIN1. High efficacy against CIN1+ (CIN1, 2, 3 and adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS)) does not necessarily mean high efficacy against CIN3+ (CIN3 and AIS), which occurs much less frequently. There are too few data to clearly conclude that HPV vaccine prevents CIN3+. CIN in general is likely to have been overdiagnosed in the trials because cervical cytology was conducted at intervals of 6–12 months rather than at the normal screening interval of 36 months. This means that the trials may have overestimated the efficacy of the vaccine as some of the lesions would have regressed spontaneously. Many trials diagnosed persistent infection on the basis of frequent testing at short intervals, i.e. less than six months. There is uncertainty as to whether detected infections would clear or persist and lead to cervical changes.

What does this mean? It means there is no basis to assume that Gardasil prevented any type of cervical cancer from human papillomavirus because the Gardasil trials were not even designed to detect that outcome, which is what the pharmaceutical companies claimed to doctors and nurses, along with recommended ages for administration. Moreover, clinics and doctors’ offices sometimes pushed this vaccine, asking every eligible individual if they would like to receive the Gardasil vaccine, and repeating the unsubstantiated claims they were fed by the pharmaceutical company. And, an unpleasant fact is that incidences of cervical cancer have actually increased since the vaccine. In women who were exposed to HPV before receiving the vaccine, the chance of developing cervical cancer increased by 50 percent.

Other conditions occurring in individuals, mostly young teenagers, are seizures, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, hair loss, depression, insomnia, joint pain and impotence in young males. To put things in perspective, Gardasil now has more reported injuries than any other vaccine in history.

There is still the poisonous adjuvants that are contained in the mixture that can cause problems as well, such as mercury and amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS). Again, reported:

Many people claim that the amount of aluminum we take in from other sources is greater than the aluminum in vaccines, but fail to realize that the aluminum we take into our body from vaccines may not exit our body. Professor Christopher Shaw from the University of British Columbia in Canada explains that injected aluminum doesn’t come into the same methods of excretion as the aluminum we take in from food, for example. When we inject aluminum, it stays in the body, it may cross the blood brain barrier, enter into cells and various organs in the body.

When you inject aluminum, it goes into a different compartment of your body. It doesn’t come into that same mechanism of excretion. So, and of course it can’t because that’s the whole idea of aluminum adjuvants, aluminum adjuvants are meant to stick around and allow that antigen to be presented over and over and over again persistently, otherwise you wouldn’t put an adjuvant in in the first place. It can’t be inert, because if it were inert it couldn’t do the things it does. It can’t be excreted because again it couldn’t provide that prolonged exposure of the antigen to your immune system. – Dr. Christopher Shaw –  Canadian neuroscientist and professor of ophthalmology at the University of British Columbia (source)

In 2018, shaw published a paper in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry that found almost 100 percent of the intramuscularly injected aluminum in mice as vaccine adjuvants was absorbed into the systemic circulation and traveled to different sites in the body such as the brain, the joints, and the spleen where it accumulated and was retained for years post-vaccination. (source)

A group of scientists from multiple countries recently published a paper in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology titled “The role of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines raises issues that deserve independent, rigorous and honest science.” In their publication, they provide evidence for their position that “the safety of aluminium-based vaccine adjuvants, like that of any environmental factor presenting a risk of neurotoxicity and to which the young child is exposed, must be seriously evaluated without further delay, particularly at a time when the CDC is announcing a still increasing prevalence of autism spectrum disorders, of 1 child in 54 in the USA.”

A  study published in 2015 emphasized that:

Evidence that aluminum-coated particles phagocytozed in the injected muscle and its draining lymph nodes can disseminate within phagocytes throughout the body and slowly accumulate in the brain further suggests that alum safety should be evaluated in the long term.

If the medical profession learned anything from this Gardasil vaccine travesty, it was that pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines are not honest, take shortcuts, skew clinical trials, and do not disclose the full extent of injuries their products cause. The general public should learn the same lesson as the professionals. When comparing Gardasil to this “coronavirus” vaccine, the public should take heed that the “coronavirus” vaccine has been fast-tracked on a quicker scale than Gardasil. Now that these pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability from their poisonous vaccines, individuals who are injured or die as a result of these poisons are afforded no recourse by the individual or their families.

Remember, there is no proof that any vaccine is effective in preventing any illness it is supposedly designed to prevent. The adjuvants in the vaccines can produce adverse effects in addition to the “active” ingredient. And, it can take years or decades for injuries and/or death from these vaccines to occur. The information coming out proves that vaccines are not safe or effective and actually cause harm. Now, who are you going to believe – the pharmaceutical company, your doctor who is pro-vaccine, or the actual studies that have come out and linked vaccines to various diseases, injury and death? Don’t forget, the individuals and companies who stand to benefit from this coronavirus vaccine are Bill Gates, the CDC, Anthony Fauci and the pharmaceutical company – all who have proven the public’s best interest in NOT in their heart.


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