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Lee County Arrests Police Captain For Prostitution & Perjury – Criminal Sheriff Carmine Marceno Still In Place

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Published on: September 10, 2019

In covering the Deanna Williams story for several months, I also discovered the man who was supposed to help her, appointed Sheriff Carmine Marceno, was not only impersonating a police officer in the state of Florida for over a decade, but that he was lying about his education, using his position of authority to pursue women for sex and much more.  Now, the irony of Marceno’s office having to arrest a Ft. Myers police captain, when some of Marceno’s own criminal behavior could be seen as very similar is front-page news in southwest Florida.

Fort Myers police Captain Jay Rodriguez has been arrested for prostitution, official misconduct and perjury, accord to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

According to NBC2, an outlet that won’t dare report on the documented felony committed by Sheriff Carmine Marceno nor his abuse of authority in pursuing a victim of crime for sex, reports:

FDLE began investigating Capt. Rodriguez in February 2019 after the Fort Myers Police Department asked the agency to look into his actions during a prostitution bust from 2013.

A video of Rodriguez was released showing him working in that sting, showing sex acts between the Captain and a suspected prostitute. The video came from an officer that was fired by Rodriguez.

The investigation shows Rodriguez “solicited and engaged in prostitution with a female massage therapist” while working undercover, according to FDLE.

Investigators concluded Rogriguez authorized a falsified account of his actions, “which was relied upon by the arresting officer to affect the arrests of two women at the massage parlor.” WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

FDLE investigators also said that he lied during an internal affairs investigation in January 2019 saying that “he had never engaged in sex while on duty.”

Rodriguez was arrested on Tuesday and booked in the Lee County jail.

Again, the irony.

There have been claims by several women that Sheriff Marceno used his authority to pressure them into sex when they got into trouble with the law.  It has also been alleged that he has flaunted huge amounts of cash in front of a least two women in an attempt to get them to visit his home to see his “remodeling” with what appears to be an MO for a pursuit of sex, which some might consider a solicitation of prostitution given what he eventually pursued with one woman.

While FDLE decided not to take Ms. Williams’ complaint serious enough to follow through with a serious line of questioning regarding her claims, former Lee County Sheriff Rod Shoap filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics regarding Marceno’s behavior.

Sheriff Shoap has also written to Governor Ron DeSantis regarding Sheriff Marceno’s impersonation of a police officer which I have documented and which FOX4 later ran a significant piece on that documentation.

While at least the prostitute in this story will be getting a bit of justice with the arrest of Rodriguez, Ms. Williams remains suffering due to the injustices she has faced at the hands of her attorneys:  Gloria Allred, Jonathon Heller, Nathan Goldberg, Ware Cornell and Mike Chionopoulos, as well as attorney Scott Mager who purchased the rights to sue her and sought to have her arrested for legal fees for services he never rendered her, a judge that was busted in a prostitution sting and even the unethical pursuit of her as a crime victim for sex by Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

On top of that, Ms. Williams gave birth to a stillborn child after Marceno wanted her to murder the baby and Scott Mager schemed to have the court use Sheriff Marceno to have her arrested, and neither the sheriff’s office nor the state attorney’s office would pursue her complaint.

Mager is also knowingly in possession of at least $300,000 of stolen funds from Ms. Williams.

Ms. Williams continues to need support via her GoFundMe page, which can by reach by clicking here.

The question now to FDLE is:  When are you guys going to actually do your job concerning Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s crimes and unethical behavior?  I’m sure in the process of investigating, you might just find out that he will perjure himself just like Rodriguez is accused of doing.

For documentation of all I have mentioned, here are the previous articles in this series.


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