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Left Defaces Ads of Truth with Muslim ‘Superhero’

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Published on: February 2, 2015

Our ads of truth are like the silver cross to Dracula.

It is remarkable how quick the Muslim community and the left are to deface and destroy our ads of truth. The vicious anti-Jewish ads that the Muslims and/or the uber-left run across the country always remain untouched.

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But Evan Sernoffsky of the San Francisco Chronicle gleefully reported last week, in an article titled “Anti-Islam San Francisco Muni ads defaced … with messages of love,” that “a clever street art activist in San Francisco transformed anti-Islam banners on the back and sides of Muni buses into action-packed messages of love. The controversial ads, which equate Islam with Nazism, were plastered over with pictures of Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim character, as well as new taglines railing against the posters’ hateful message.”

That’s right: The San Francisco Chronicle called these acts of vandalism “love.” The fallout of a decaying city. San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury – and all that jazz – now carrying water for the most anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Jewish, anti-freedom ideology on the face of the earth. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Chronicle is clearly on the side of the vandals, but the commenters on Sernoffsky’s article – the people – are not. Read the comments.

The supremacist criminals who did it call themselves “Street Cred.” They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We have filed a police report. And a reader of my website,, wrote a brilliant series of letters to the Chronicle, pointing out to Evan Sernoffsky that he was encouraging the commission of a felony.

Sernoffsky and those who committed the felony vandalism should be arrested and prosecuted. In America, we are still a nation of laws, despite the best efforts of those like Sernoffsky, who want us to become a nation of thugs.

But it isn’t just Sernoffsky. Numerous people in the media and academia are lauding the defacing of our ads. Are we to understand that the media and academia are encouraging vandalism of speech we don’t like? It certainly seems so. So it would stand to reason that if you don’t like the creed apartheid, Islamic Jew-hatred, gender apartheid and other hate speech in the Quran, the media seem to be suggesting that you should vandalize mosques.

Coming so soon after the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre, this cheering-on of anti-free speech vandalism is gruesome. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre, the president of the United States should have gone before the world and said that it is now incumbent upon every freedom-loving person, news organization and media outlet to run those cartoons of Muhammad. Instead, he said nothing to erase the bitter memory of the fact that, two years ago, amid other Islamic attacks on free expression, he said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

And now vandalism of ads that are critical of Islamic Jew-hatred is chic. Our ads were defaced with images of the Marvel Comics Muslima “superhero,” Kamala Khan. What is most ironic about this Muslima “superhero” is that she isn’t fighting female genital mutilation, honor violence under Islam, honor killings, misogyny, gender apartheid, creed apartheid or the sub-class status for women under the Shariah. No, she is fighting truth. She is attacking free speech. She is enforcing the brutal and extreme Shariah.

Now that is funny – and telling – that this is what a Muslima superhero would end up really fighting.

Meanwhile, the media’s portrayal of Kamala Khan as anyone’s superhero is absurd. How many Khan comic books did they sell? This is the most action the propaganda character has ever gotten.

The Muslima convert “artist’ who created this comic book joke of a character tweeted: “Some amazing person has been painting over the anti-Muslim bus ads in SF with Ms. Marvel graffiti. Spread love.”

A cartoonist is carrying water for the ideology that kills cartoonists. A Muslima superhero is designed to promote a positive image of Muslims being used against the freedom of speech. The Charlie Hebdo slaughter was the Sept. 11 attack on free speech and free men. G. Willow Wilson and her Kamala Khan have enlisted on the wrong side. Kamala Khan has become a symbol of the war against the freedom of speech.

But in the case of my ads, in a certain sense, I am applauding the vandalism, too. Because it accomplishes just the opposite of what these leftist fascists want. First, the publicity gets our message out to a much wider audience. Second, we are currently negotiating with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, or SFMTA, for recompense and additional free ad space.

Thank you, haters of truth!

These makeovers are so well done and numerous that clearly this vandalism was an organized operation, and likely with an insider’s cooperation to get at the buses for the time it took to deface our ads without detection. This is suspicious in the extreme.

It took the SFMTA nine months – nine months – to run these ads. It initially refused, and it was not until we filed a lawsuit that the ads were allowed to run. And it allows this? We want free ads and recompense, or we will sue.

We will be heard. The thuggish foes of free speech will not prevail.


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