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Leftist Celebrities: Childish To The End

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Published on: October 22, 2020

Over the last couple of months, I’ve focused on some of the philosophical fundamentals particular to leftism, and how these have played into the dramatic social upheaval and civil unrest we’ve seen in recent months. On Sept. 2, I began with a discussion around how liberalism has always been the soft socialist wedge through which radical leftists intended to gain ascendency in America incrementally.

On Sept. 9, I followed up with an examination of the ongoing violent demonstrations we’ve witnessed in some of our larger, Democrat-controlled cities, characterizing their participants as the foot soldiers of an emerging communist revolution. On Sept. 30, I detailed how the political left systematically subverted the history of our nation through media and education, thereby producing a number of propagandized ignoramuses sufficient to fuel such a revolution. Finally, on Oct. 7, I discussed the left’s murderous proclivities and the danger these represent to all Americans.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen news items discussing celebrity music artists who have threatened to leave the country if President Donald Trump is reelected. We’ve heard celebrity entertainers level these threats on many previous occasions, only to disappoint us when they don’t follow through.

Recently, rock musician Bruce Springsteen told The Daily Telegraph he’ll “see you on the next plane” if President Trump is reelected. Metal band Motley Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee made a similar statement to another media venue. If threats like these seem laughable, you’re not alone: Springsteen and Lee’s declarations were so silly that they elicited the ridicule of comedian Michael Loftus, who condemned their rhetoric as being completely ego-driven.

Well, we know that egos figure prominently in the entertainment industry, but today I’d like to touch on another characteristic shared by those on the left, and one that’s handily illustrated by liberal celebrities who threaten to leave the country if they don’t get their way – and this would be their profoundly juvenile nature.

As Mr. Loftus indicated, there’s definitely a great deal of self-importance involved in making public threats to leave the country if one’s candidate isn’t elected, but such statements are far more indicative of these individuals being cases of arrested emotional development. It’s an archetypal anecdote: The child playing with friends who becomes angry over some trifle and leaves the sandbox, stomping away with the armload of toys he brought with him. Adults who act out childishly are often likened to such children.

As we’ve seen time and again, the very premises of liberal positions and political arguments are often so bereft of thought and deliberation that non-liberals evaluate them as childish. Why? Because they are.

Take the view of the American left on economics and immigration, just to pull two topics out of the air. The idea that we can simply gift resources to groups or nations the left deems deserving, in perpetuity and without consequence, reflects a marked immaturity in their processing of economic concepts. The idea that we can allow every dispossessed foreign national into the country to benefit from America’s prosperity and opportunity just because it’d be nice to do so is profoundly juvenile. Calls to defund the police and the Pentagon, such as we’ve been hearing from the left for months, are so infantile that they defy analysis.

Guys like Springsteen and Lee are admittedly at something of a disadvantage. Like so many mega-famous entertainers, they were swept into that culture when they were very young. Consequently, they have been out of touch regarding how the rest of us live for a very long time. Decades of living in the extremely insular bubble of the entertainment industry and associating exclusively with the like-minded have convinced them that theirs is the prevailing view in America.

Celebrities aren’t spoiled because they’re rich, or even because they’re famous. They’re spoiled because they’ve been coddled, much in the way we’ve increasingly coddled young people over the last 50 years. So, Springsteen, Lee and many celebrities were recipients of an unfortunate double-whammy, if you’re inclined to feel sorry for them.

To be fair, there are some eminently sensible celebrities in the entertainment industry, though they tend to be few and far between. As an industry, however, it is our enemy; I probably don’t have to remind my readers that its overall influence over the last 50 years has been driven by dedicated leftists and has been demonstrably harmful to our nation.

We should be mindful that, like most liberals, celebrity entertainers have been manipulated into harboring these imprudent views by politicos with an agenda. Still, one has to be receptive to such views to some degree to start with, which would tend to explain those celebrities who don’t succumb to leftist orthodoxy despite the prevailing culture of the entertainment industry.

As conservative commentators have said for years, the viewpoints of the rank-and-file left are rooted in emotion rather than reason – and who among us are more emotional than children?

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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