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Leftist Sensibilities Are Destroying Our Youth

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Published on: July 4, 2019

One TV show depicts a little girl who’s been worked into such a frenzy by her teachers about climate change that she has an anxiety attack over fears that the Earth will become a sterile moonscape within her lifetime. Another features a group of mostly black, lower-income high school students who get to visit the offices of the State Department after winning an essay contest. Upon arriving, they are greeted by a black staff member of the secretary of state who congratulates them over their accomplishment, especially considering the racism in America that dogs their every step and aspiration.

In my column last week, I cited the moral ambivalence fostered primarily by the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s as a major causative factor for the rise in societal dysfunction illustrated by such things as skyrocketing rates of divorce, out-of-wedlock births, teen pregnancy, drug addiction and increased rates of depression and suicide, particularly among children and younger people. Further, that since much of the new leftist-fostered sensibilities targeted sexual behavior, it has given rise to higher instances of sexual dysfunction, most recently exemplified by gender-confused children who claim to be LGBTQ individuals and the showcasing of child and preteen “drag queens.”

The most significant and sobering aspect of this phenomenon – as I asserted in my column – is that all of this has risen to the level of a major public health concern.

The American Psychological Association (APA) and consequently mental health practitioners at large have not revealed nor supported any studies addressing the proliferation of the dysfunction I mentioned above in this context. This is because these entities are largely on board with the leftist social engineering that’s taken place over the last 50 years. In fact, the APA itself has been forced to backpedal with regard to certain assessments and recommendations it has made over the last 20 years, as some of these appeared to legitimize deeply aberrant sexual behavior, such as pedophilia.

There is, however, plenty of anecdotal and testimonial evidence supporting the contention that the amoral drift our society has taken in recent decades has been harmful, and I don’t think Americans need biased, agenda-driven organizations to inform them of things they can plainly see.

I took my own sample from among some mental health practitioners (whom I will not name for reasons that should be obvious) that I’m sure the reader will find illuminating. The one and only question I posed wasn’t leading in that it did not indict anyone for anything. Simply put, I asked these professionals if they had any insight into why there had been such an increased incidence of depression, anxiety disorders and suicide amongst young people and children in recent years.

I was somewhat surprised to hear them respond quickly, stating that the answer was quite simple. To a man/woman, they said that young people have increasingly been raised on messages of hopelessness and presented with scenarios in which their future survival was in very real jeopardy.

Hearkening back to the linked article at the beginning of this column, this makes a great deal of sense. Despite the specter of nuclear annihilation that loomed during the Cold War, the tension and occasional militant outbursts of the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War and other contentious social issues of the 1950s and 1960s, there was a prevailing undercurrent of hope that we as a nation would overcome these things. This held true even for the press, entertainment media and many activists of that period.

This is no longer the case. As indicated at the outset of this column, today, young people – particularly school children – are being barraged with messages carrying even darker overtones than those to which kids were exposed vis-a-vis nuclear war in the 1960s. Today, children are being told that climate change will make the planet uninhabitable within a very short span of years. If you’re a black or brown child, you’re told that if rich white people don’t manage to somehow consign you to a life of poverty or incarceration, the police are quite likely to kill you. Kids who’ve succumbed to messages of sexual ambivalence and gender confusion are warned of a heterosexual majority that seeks to oppress them in a variety of ways. Then there’s the fact that around 50 percent more of these kids are coming from broken homes than 50 years ago.

Finally, there are the dim prospects attendant to getting a good education, which used to be touted as a young person’s ticket to success. Children today are regularly treated to examples of young adults protesting in the streets over having been saddled with obscene amounts of student loan debt and an increasingly capricious job market.

The press and the media are fully on board with all of this doomsaying, and one can only imagine that liberal parents of young children are reinforcing these messages.

So I ask you: Who wouldn’t become anxious or depressed behind all that?

My children are now adults, but I do recall having to do occasional damage control around some alarmist or activist message imparted by liberal schoolteachers. Obviously, things have become far worse in the ensuing years.

I’ve never been a liberal. I could see when I was 18 that the leftist sensibilities that were being widely adopted would have a deleterious effect on America as a nation. Still, it is decidedly chilling to see the things I feared actually coming about, and to see the depths of moral and intellectual depravity in which those on the left are willing to engage.

Thus, I have determined that liberalism, progressivism, socialism – call them what you will – are not concepts that ought to be tolerated in the tradition of our inclusivity as a nation or over misinterpretations of the First Amendment. They are cancer; they are a seditious poison that must be neutralized by any means necessary, lest we fall as a nation, and ultimately as individuals with a well-developed sense of what “humanity” really means.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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