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Leftists Traumatizing Kids For Political Gain

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Published on: September 26, 2019

There are a few key issues being debated surrounding the recent school climate strike movement and one of its principals, Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old autistic environmental activist from Sweden who’s been plastered across press venues over the last couple of weeks. One is that the phenomenon is being driven by the most odious elements of the far left, and that adopting their climate policies would devastate Western economies and enslave populations.

Another is the argument that developed nations should most certainly not base their climate policy on the ranting of an ill-informed child with a developmental disability and horribly irresponsible parents who is being shamelessly exploited by the aforementioned far-left elements among us.

This is, of course, leaving aside the fact that the chief scientific study addressing anthropogenic climate change (upon which climate change alarmists are basing their activism) has long since been debunked.

I remember the gas lines of the 1970s. I remember the photos and the footage of the smog enshrouding Pennsylvania’s steel mills and the anti-pollution PSAs that appeared on TV. I recall the alarmist entreaties of environmental activists back then, and their predictions that the planet was going to be a fossil fuel-less, airless, foodless, poisonous asphalt ball by 1990.

I also recall that none of those calamities ever came to pass.

The political left exploiting children to gain assent to their climate change agenda is only occurring because they know that tugging at heartstrings through the exploitation of children has worked in the past – but this column isn’t about Greta Thunberg or even the left’s climate change agenda.

The last, less frequently discussed aspect of the school climate strike is the highly questionable morality attendant to enrolling children into political causes using fear and alarmism. Some have gone as far as to say that this rises to the level of child abuse, which I certainly believe it to be.

I’ve had several discussions with people in the field of mental health concerning the epidemic of depression and anxiety disorders amongst children, teens and young adults. Without exception, these have cited the portents of doom to which they are increasingly being exposed by parents, teachers, media and the press. Thus, I was not at all surprised when I began to see reports citing a growing number of children being treated specifically for anxiety disorders over their exposure to alarmist climate change doctrine.

Those on the political left are morally bankrupt; this has been demonstrated more clearly over the last few years than over the last few decades. Their habit of exploiting children to advance their agenda is nothing new, however, nor is their habit of damaging them via emotional trauma in the process.

The early sexualization of children that began in the 1960s gave rise to cavalier sexual attitudes, an escalation in out-of-wedlock pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and contributed to a rising divorce rate. Subsequent generations, many now parents themselves, succumbed even more to the pernicious “new sensibilities” being advanced by leftists, and are now happily indoctrinating their own children into sexual dysfunction and gender confusion.

While dragging children to “Close The Camps” demonstrations to protest a president who allegedly has it in for all brown people must be frightening, dragging them into the grotesque world of transvestites at a “Drag Queen Story Hour” poses even more danger to their emerging sexual sensibilities. At present, there are even parents who refuse to acknowledge the biological gender of their children, which promises to breed even more sexual dysfunction down the road.

The far-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) recently introduced something they call the “Teaching Tolerance” campaign, which is being promoted nationwide in K-12 public school classrooms. Since diversity worship has become an important part of the liberal canon, there are millions of parents who have no problem with their children being indoctrinated into leftist notions of sexuality and “gender non-conformity.”

As one might expect, entertainment industry icons have been more than willing to do their part. More and more Hollywood stars are (very publicly) “coming out” as trans, gender non-conforming or pansexual; others have determined that they will not “impose gender norms” upon their children, even allowing their little boys to attend school in dresses.

The fruits of these grossly dysfunctional lifestyles often include depression, anxiety disorders and suicide, which occur in the LGBTQ community at a far higher rate than in the general population. But leftists have a handy explanation for this: It’s the lack of acceptance and “persecution” by “cisgendered” people, which is leading to the emotional malaise and mental disorders within the LGBTQ population, rather than the disempowering lifestyle choices they’ve made.

Where does it end?

As I’ve said so many times in this space, it ends when the rest of us muster the courage to say “no” despite the schoolyard invective and accusations of bigotry the left employs in order to gain our capitulation. It ends when we become as loud and as determined as they are. It ends when we become willing to stand up and assert that this is not about tolerance; it’s about destroying the moral fabric of our society in order to advance a manifestly evil political agenda, and we will not stand for it one day longer.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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