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The Lesser of Two Evils

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Published on: January 18, 2016

When it comes time to vote for President next fall, will you vote, or will you be like half of the evangelical crowd did and just stay home? It is estimated that approximately 32 million evangelicals voted in the last presidential election, which equates to about half of the possible evangelical voters in America. Why did so many stay home, especially with the aspect of enough voter impact to swing the election to the candidate of their choice? Many of these evangelicals stayed home, because of belief that Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate was Mormon; and to elect a Mormon to office would be wrong for America.

For the 32 million evangelicals that did vote in 2012, most of them voted for Mitt Romney. When some were asked why they were able to vote for a Mormon, the pet answer became, “Well, he is the lesser of two evils.”

The lesser of two evils. First, let me say that Mitt Romney is not an evil man and his personal character and moral integrity were not what was in question by the idea of lesser of two evils. Instead, Mitt Romney was considered to be the lesser of two evils, because in the eyes of true evangelicals, his faith is based in a false religion. This religion preaches another gospel, another Jesus and another Book for spiritual guidance than the Bible. How can we vote for a man that does not have the ear of God in his prayers? This was the thinking by those that stayed home and yet, this was not an issue for those that voted for Mr. Romney. As I heard one preacher say in a message, “I am not voting for my Pastor, I am voting for my President.”

When a President enters into the Oval Office to begin his day’s work, he is taking on responsibilities of acting on the affairs of the greatest nation on earth. There is no decision our President makes that is considered insignificant. Every document he signs, every phone call he takes or makes, every visitor he receives will eventually culminate in decisions that will carry lasting and powerful consequences. No, the President is not a pastor, the President is the leader of the modern world. His actions will have far more reaching implications than any pastor. If he pushes agendas of making abortion more accessible, if he makes light of biblical marriage, spends America into unsurmountable debt and then tramples upon the Constitution, he is in effect destroying the spiritual, biblical and moral qualities of what has made America great. The results as we have seen have been far reaching and will affect our children’s children. No, I am not voting for my pastor, but with all due respect to the man of God, our nation needs a leader that has the ear of God, just as much if not more so than my pastor.

So, what am I trying to say to you today? I do not want to settle with voting for the lesser of two evils. When we enter this election season with this idea, we will get exactly what we vote for, “evil”; and we continue with the downward spiral America has found herself engrossed in. Instead, I suggest to you if you are not already doing so, pray for the candidates and that God will give us a candidate that truly loves Him and will lead our country by making his first action each day in the Oval Office to seek wisdom from God for leading this country in the way it should go. We need real leadership that is not based upon lobbies and man’s flip-flop politics, but a leader that will humble himself before God and seek His face when he acts upon the affairs of this land. This is what we need as our President!

Will you commit to pray that God will give us such a leader?

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