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Let’s Remove Spineless Elected Officials in SC Rather than the Confederate Flag

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Published on: June 22, 2015

In the wake of the Charleston shootings, renewed calls from cultural Marxists have come calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse and it seems that spineless Republicans are incapable of making a stand, including Governor Nikki Haley.

Fox reports:

In a break from her own position, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Monday called for the removal of the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds.

“The time has come,” she said to applause.

Haley joined other state leaders, including Republican state Sen. Tim Scott and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, in calling for the removal of the flag.

“Today we are here at a moment of unity in our state, with no ill will, to say it is time to move the flag from the capitol grounds,” Haley said.

It’s true, Haley cannot be trusted, but then I said that back when she was elected and turned right around and endorsed liberal Mitt Romney for president.

But why is this an issue? I can tell you why: People simply do not know their history… and yes, that even means Republicans. They hold up people like Abraham Lincoln as a Constitutional icon, when he was nothing of the sort, but a Constitution usurper. Jefferson Davis in his The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government outlined exactly what took place prior to Lincoln assuming office and the reasons why secession was sought… and it wasn’t because of slavery. It was because Lincoln had made it known he would violate the Constitution.

For many in America, they claim the Confederate flag was a symbol of hate, bigotry and slavery. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Paul Clark and Tanya Grimsley have enlightened many people on the history of the Confederate flag.


  1. This is not the National Flag of the Confederacy. It is a battle flag.  Three national flags were tried before the final design was settled on:
  • The first National flag design looked too much like the Union Flag and caused confusion in commanding armies in maneuvers.


  • The second one looked too much like a surrender flag when there was no breeze and it was hanging limply..


  • A vertical red bar was added to the third and final version of the Confederate national flag.


  1. The Confederate Battle Flag was never a National Flag of the Confederacy. It was carried into battle by several armies such as the Army Of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. It was also used as a Naval Jack by the Confederate Navy.
  2.  The Battle Flag was not called the Stars and Bars. It was called the Southern Cross.
  3.  The original Battle Flag design was a square flag and not a rectangle.


  1.  No Confederate flag was ever flown on a slave ship.  English, Dutch, Portuguese, and the New England States ships were used in the slave trade.

So, the question comes, what does this flag have to do with what took place in Charelston? How is it a symbol of hate? It isn’t.

While Haley rightfully said what the flag was, she then turned in the face of the truth and gave voice to the ignorant people who claim it is otherwise saying that it was time to remove the flag from the capital grounds.

Now, ask yourself, if what she said prior about the flag being tradition and history, about integrity and honor, then why is there a need to remove it? Why would you not allow it to stand if that is indeed what it stands for unless you are caving to political correctness.

This is the same woman that with her words stood by biblical marriage (though it seems clear that she was comfortable with redefining marriage), but when the rubber met the road, she was more than willing to vacillate between two opinions and not uphold our country’s (South Carolina) law regarding a ban on redefining marriage, nor will she uphold the criminality of the act of sodomy, which is still the law in our land.

Haley and both US Senators should be asamed of their cowardice. It reminds me of the same kind of ignorance that was on display when the NAACP said they would boycott South Carolina over the flag. Had I been governor, I would have told them to stay out and never enter our country! We don’t need the race baiters threatening us. If they want to cry, let them cry in anothter land, but this is my home.

This is my country and for those who want to see the flag removed, including the governor and senators, I say, how about we remove you instead!

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