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LGBTs: Weapon of Radical Marxists’ Militant Social Engineering

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Published on: April 21, 2015

Now that progressives have cultivated a sufficient amount of dysfunction within families in America, there are – quite conveniently – an increasing number of teenagers who experience ambivalence around their emerging sexuality and/or gender identity issues. Given the encouragement of liberal authority figures, the press, and other media, more are manifesting this earlier in life than in years past, instead of remaining “closeted” until adulthood, or never revealing their proclivities to the world.

On April 17, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conducted its “Day of Silence,” wherein participating public high school and middle school students remained silent throughout an entire school day to “raise awareness about the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination.”

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Full disclosure (though not for my sake or anything): GLSEN was founded by homosexual activist, former Obama administration “Safe Schools Czar,” and probable pedophile Kevin Jennings.

Given the turbulent nature of adolescence and the fact that these dysfunctional teens are in the minority, many experience ridicule, harassment, and other forms of derision commonly known as “bullying.”

This is also quite convenient with regard to the political left’s radical agenda, I might add, in the sense that it has allowed them to “justify” massive campaigns ostensibly focused upon – are you ready? – saving children… in this case, from the “bigotry” of their straight peers.

 or more accurately, exploiting these emerging “protected class” citizens for their own political ends.

With the left, of course it is never about the supposed beneficiaries of their largesse, as Penny Nance pointed out, writing for Breitbart last week. “Gay activists are going around you to get to your children, and schools are complicit,” Nance wrote, pointing out that GLSEN operatives have systematically infiltrated schools and begun harassing and bullying students who hold traditional or religious beliefs regarding sexuality and marriage.

Did she say “bullying?” Indeed she did…

Recently, Amanda Simpson, Executive Director of U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives and the first transgender Obama administration appointee, called for a ban on “conversion therapy,” with which she says the LGBT community is being “targeted,” whatever that means.

Now, considering that the American Psychological Association is lousy with leftists and sexual deviants, it is somewhat difficult to find an objective definition for “conversion therapy.” Most of the industry designations (crafted by those in academia, which is also lousy with leftists and sexual deviants) include such terms as “pseudo-scientific,” “controversial,” and “dangerous.”

Loosely-defined, “conversion” or “reparative” therapy refers to a collection of counseling and psychiatric protocols which address changes in an individual’s sexual attraction or sexual identity. Some, but not all of the practitioners operate within Christian circles. Almost always, there is existing ambivalence within the individual as to their identification as a homosexual prior to seeking such treatment, which they voluntarily seek out, as opposed to the “forced deprogramming” scenario being suggested by the sodomy lobby.

“We used to call things like this brainwashing, or reprogramming,” Simpson states in an official White House video, which calls conversion therapy “harmful.” She said that society ought to be gravitating away from “the way things are, to the way things should be.”

And there you have it, yet again: that leftist imperative for implementing their perverted vision of what society should look like. America is now being schooled in “the way things should be” by a transsexual, and that “way” is a wholly subjective determination made by those on the left, who consider themselves the ultimate arbiters not just of right and wrong, but of reality itself.

And what criteria do they employ in order to arrive at these conclusions?

Why, what appeals to them emotionally, what makes them comfortable… That’s good enough for leftists. And since they are leftists, they have no reservations around misrepresenting what conversion therapy actually is.

Like many of us, I’ve heard the stories of homosexuals who claim to have known at age five that they were attracted to the same sex. I can’t prove that they’re lying, nor do I have much reason to believe they are. I’ve also heard the testimony of those who were stone cold convinced at eighteen that they were homosexual, yet who at twenty-five or thirty determined that they were miserable, depressed, confused, hated the lifestyle, and were no longer sure which way they leaned in terms of sexual attraction. Many of these accounts end with the individuals seeking out reparative therapy, later emerging and claiming to be happy heterosexuals.

I wouldn’t want to see homosexuals whisked away in the night in black vans and forcibly “deprogrammed,” if that is even possible. By the same token, banning therapies aimed at addressing the sexual confusion some homosexuals find themselves facing is an equally draconian (not to mention totalitarian) measure.

Yet when it’s an intellectually-enlightened member of the LGBT community like Amanda Simpson advancing such measures, apparently that’s all well and good.

As an aside, I’ve been inclined to wonder what solidarity a transgender person might have with homosexuals, unless it had to do with an agenda – particularly after having discourse with transgender individuals who did not share solidarity with homosexuals, wanted nothing to do with the LGBT community – and were subsequently slandered and disparaged publicly by both.

There are millions of people of varied political stripes who have bought into the insidious lie proffered by the left that homosexuals just want to be “allowed to love.” Perhaps many of them do, but it bears mentioning that progressives employed the identical tactic in the early 1970s during the abortion debate. Abortion was going to be ever-so-rare; the pro-aborts argued that they were just trying to save women from deadly back-alley or coat hanger abortions, and give them an alternative to bearing unwanted babies conceived in rape or incest.

We have seen how that turned out, with abortion becoming a cottage industry, “partial-birth-abortion,” and the scientific-industrial complex lobbying for the right to discarded baby parts. In Britain, scientists have advocated for the legal definition of abortion being widened to include live-born babies that the parents or the state determine are too difficult to accommodate.

If we allow it, this situation will turn out similarly. Last week, referenced a piece by a Canadian columnist that detailed the chilling downside of that country’s “legalization” of same-sex marriage.

For one thing, in order to accommodate the new parameters of the institution of marriage, the legal convention of “natural parent” was replaced by that of “legal parent,” which essentially translated into the rights of all parents being usurped by the government.

Clever, eh?

Then, sexual orientations legally protected under the new same-sex marriage law gave rise to inordinately influential “Human Rights Commissions” that have the power to sue individuals and businesses (which often results in the bankrupting of defendants), monitor and regulate communications, enter residences, seize property, all on the say-so of one offended homosexual. These commissions can also recommend prosecution for “hate speech,” and they have an enviable 100% conviction rate over 30 years.

Homosexual activists and sympathetic operatives spy on churches and religious groups, their ears pricked up for anything they might find remotely discriminatory (by their definition, as we’re already experiencing here in America), so that they can mince over to the nearest Human Rights Commission office and file a complaint.

Just what America needs, eh?

Well, I have a wake-up call for the firebreathing, militant homosexuals out there: You don’t get to stigmatize the rest of us – who outnumber you fifty-to-one, by the way – because you have a distorted vision of what society ought to look like, and are so emotionally immature that you think you ought to have your way, “just because.”

If all of this perversion and constitutional nullification takes place in America within my lifetime, I will probably be in prison in fairly short order, because I’m certainly not going to shut up. I know – as well as do many other Americans – that whether they’re misguided middle class professionals, or fornicating-on-Pride-Parade-floats militants, this relatively tiny group of people is merely being used by radicals to consolidate their power.

Integral to this consolidation of power is eradicating traditional concepts of morality, so that they may shift individuals’ allegiance from God to the State.

And that, Dear Reader, is evil.


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