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“Useful Idiot” Reporter: Bradlee Dean Isn’t Playing Around

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Published on: November 12, 2014

The Red Mountain Tea Party, the largest Tea Party in the United States, welcomed Pamela Geller at the end of October. In spite of death threats and Islamic propaganda by Hamas-CAIR, Geller told the truth to the crowd about Islam and later would blast a Phoenix News Times for her “yellow journalism” (as Geller put it). Well, it seems that the Phoenix New Times couldn’t get enough and in their reporting advertised that Sons of Liberty Media’s Bradlee Dean would be in town this week. Despite weather related issues, Dean did attend on Tuesday evening, calling out a News Times reporter, who later reported “Dean isn’t playing around.”

So, why was it necessary for Bradlee Dean to call out a reporter, and just what did he say?

Dean told Sons of Liberty Media, “I told her that if she took my words out of context or distorted what I said, I’d sue her. I’m not playing around with these people. I did it with Rachel Maddow and I’ll deal with people who slander me.”

According to Dean, the reporter, Ashley Cusick, turned bright red and was embarrassed. Cusick was the same reporter that put up the hit piece on Geller.

Even in her piece on Dean’s talk, it was clear that she made an attempt to make him look like the incarnation of Satan as she could, saying that he “heads an organization found on the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s list of hate groups” in her first paragraph.

While that is true, such a reference without even Dean’s name appearing in the first paragraph, which was also the only sentence in the paragraph, tells you that is poisoning the well.

Ms. Cusick is also apparently fine with allowing the SPLC’s claim about Bradlee Dean stand without question. She made a point to reference the SPLC’s claim that Bradlee Dean is “rabidly anti-gay” and said though his “speech indeed centered on his view that Judeo-Christian values must remain at the center of American democracy,…there were tangents.”

First, Bradlee Dean does not reference America as a democracy. He constantly references America as a constitutional republic, just as the Constitution does. For Ms. Cusick, here’s the appropriate language from Article IV, Section 4, Clause 1:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,…”

It seems Ms. Cusick is covering for the very people who support the “Homosexual Manifesto,” but apparently doesn’t consider the language of that writing to be “hateful.”

Not once does she reference the hateful statement of SPLC director of intelligence Mark Potok, who said, “Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes and so on…I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them.” It was Potok’s organization’s “hate list” that provided a map for Floyd Lee Corkins to go and attempt the murder of a guard at the Family Research Center with the desire to kill as many people as possible and smear Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in their faces. What? No comment Ms. Cusick?

Cusick also made it a point to nitpick little things like Dean’s reference to Obama as “Hussein.” Why that’s a big deal, one can only guess. After all, it is his name. Is she offended that his Muslim name is being used?

She did rightly point out that Bradlee Dean exposed the workings of Obama is being right in line with dictators like Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Mussolini and Stalin. Of that, there can be no doubt.

Cusick went on to say that Dean called SPLC founder Morris Dees “a loser to the max.” Well, he is, but you get the idea. Ms. Cusick’s problem is the positive message of America’s history and where she derives her morality from and how that should be communicated to the next generation of young people in the United States. For her, it’s all about trying to pull out what she perceives as “hateful” against those that she has nothing bad to say about.

Finally, she mentions where Dean called her out in front of the audience that threatened to sue her if she misstated him or took his words out of context.

“You work for an organization like that,” quoted Cusick of Dean.

“Dean isn’t playing around,” she wrote. And he isn’t. Bradlee Dean filed a $50 million lawsuit for defamation against MSNBC host Rachel Maddow when she manipulated his words as though he was calling for the murder of sodomites.

Cusick wrote that Dean dropped the suit, “when it became clear he would possibly be responsible for Maddow’s legal fees.” That wasn’t the reason, but just like the event before, Cusick didn’t even attempt to actually interview Geller or Dean. She simply assumed. However, she does allege that she attempted to reach out to Randy Hatch, the chairman of the Red Mountain Tea Party, but he had not given her a comment.

Noticeably missing from Cusick’s report was anything of the history of America or how central Christianity and the Bible was in its initial founding or throughout our history, which is the warp and woof of Dean’s message. Nowhere does Cusick speak of how the founders dealt with sodomites. Nowhere does she show any concern for the children in America’s public schools who are lied to day in and day out. And that’s where she misses the real message.

I’ve been to several of Bradlee Dean’s events and they are the same message over and over….reminding people, young and old, of our history and of what God has said in His Word and calling people back to that foundation. This is the same message he takes into the public indoctrination centers of America.

It’s a shame that Ms. Cusick has freedom of the press, yet misses the entire point of the evening. Not only is she contributing to the downfall of the nation by not reporting on the real threats to America and the positive message Bradlee Dean is expressing, she is actively seeking to tear down those who are fighting against America’s enemies. And when it comes to fighting against America’s enemies, Bradlee Dean isn’t playing around.

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