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Liberals Fear the Gun Because Liberals Fear Themselves

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Published on: June 25, 2015

Joseph Goebbels believed that if a lie could be told often enough, the public could be brought to believe it. In his mind, the bigger and more outrageous the lie, the better, because it would be easier to discredit those who would call it out for being untrue. Today, we are certainly being forced to live under the pretense of outrageous fabrications, and the consequences of such vagrant falsehoods will surely show their ugly heads. One of these deliberate distortions of truth is the notion that gun free zones keep us safe, and if everyone would just do the compassionate thing and turn in their guns, there would be no more violence. That, in and of itself, is such an obvious misrepresentation of what we know about gun violence; however, it’s one of many misperceptions of reality that are all intertwined with one another, further complicating the situation. To get to the real heart of the problem, you have to understand the liberal world view.

Too often, we as conservatives allow ourselves to get dragged into the gun debate by responding to contemptible accusations. Liberals tend to be very emotional, and as a result, they allow the argument to be directed by their alleged empathy as they do little more than blame the gun, which the conservative is supposedly holding. We respond (and this humbled author is guilty of it too), by citing factual statistics concerning firearm use in self-defense situations. We believe that we can reason with a human being pushing an agenda, while also in a heightened, fanatical state. We understand that the typical liberal believes that more gun control will solve the problem. On the other hand, what we fail to comprehend is the root of their belief system which drives them to act in the irrational manner in which they do. This belief system, incidentally, is also one of the big lies permeating our society, and affecting the way we live our lives. This belief system is humanism, or atheism.

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While it would be unfair to characterize all liberals as being humanist, let’s not forget that it was the Democrat Party that booed God at the Democratic national convention. The humanist belief defies the notion of God, and operates on the premise of moral relativism. They essentially believe that they can define their own morality and be the determiners of all that is right and wrong, if they believe in right and wrong at all. The humanist belief also traces back to the theory of evolution, which is the basis for communist ideology. Without God as Creator, man becomes no more than an accident, and no more significant than any other animal which operates purely on instinct. They don’t believe in the same values as we do, meaning that the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and self-governance are abstract concepts. Truthfully, it would be safe to say that liberals believe man is incapable of reaching such heights and is in need of constant controls against his every action.

What all of this boils down to is simple: liberals, in all of their fanatical reactions to the mere mention of the word “gun,” don’t really fear the gun itself; they fear their own lack of self-control. Their Darwinist worldview explains their rationale on every social issue currently up for debate. Liberals simply do not believe that the average man is capable of making the correct decisions, or acting in the interest of anything but his own selfish ends. What this truly is, however, is self-projection. They have allowed themselves to be so beaten down by the humanist worldview that they have allowed themselves to be inundated with manipulative rhetoric and feelings of inadequacy; the hate they feel burning through their veins towards conservatives is actually hatred they feel for themselves. There is no better way to explain this concept than through a series of articles I wrote called “Critical Projection Theory.” I explained this concept by relating to the way that the typical liberal Democrat treats black Americans. In the minds of the depraved left, black Americans are incapable of anything without their help. This mentality resulted from the historical fact that it was the Democrat party that was responsible for the oppression black Americans faced from the slavery era, the KKK, Jim Crow segregation laws, and, now, degradation of the family and complete government dependency. They project these failures onto us in an effort to draw attention away from reality. This is probably the biggest lie preventing America from uniting as one nation against the encroaching tyranny we all face.

Many people understand this to be the truth. What we don’t have, however, is an army of people out there repeating it often enough to sink into the rest of society. Liberals are repeating one lie after another with the belief that if they tell it enough, people will believe it. The only reason this tactic works is because too many conservatives (and it doesn’t help when we have cowards for Republican politicians) sit on the sidelines and await the one person who can articulate what needs to be said, in just the perfect way. This isn’t what we need. We need people that will come together and work to discredit the lies that are destroying our society. We need people who will work to make the truth drown out the lie. All too often, people resort to the belief that, in the end, good will win, and truth will prevail. This is true, it can. It won’t, however, if the majority of us are sitting out the fight and letting others fight it for us. Come on, America; let’s repeat the truth so much that it becomes the truth again.

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