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Liberals OK with Muslim Violence Against Christians, Women and Sodomites – but what about Dogs?

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Published on: September 13, 2015

People in America hate when they see dogs being mistreated. HATE. In fact, in America, it’s better to hurt people than it is to hurt dogs.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the difference in the way that Michael Vick and Ray Lewis get treated. One of those men lied to police during a murder investigation, was initially charged as a co-defendant before flipping on his friends, and then admitted that he tried to swear his friends (the killers) to silence in order to protect his career. The other man ran a dog-fighting ring that horribly mistreated dogs.

Ray Lewis (who was never found guilty of the killings) is still an NFL icon and very popular player among fans. Michael Vick is still a pariah.

Americans love dogs.

So we have a new test for liberals who seem so supportive of Islam (Iran in particular), while hating our friendship with Israel. See, we’ve told you that in Islamic nations men and women who practice sodomy are executed for their sexual identity. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations Christians are routinely beaten, persecuted and killed for their faith. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations women are subjugated, mistreated, traded like property, sexually, physically and mentally abused. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations children are sexually abused, trained to hate and taught to be as violent and sadistic as their leaders. In fact, we haven’t just told you, we’ve shown you these things… and yet liberals don’t seem to care. They talk about a Republican “war on women” and about conservative “homophobia” and they simply skim over Islam’s crimes. It’s disgusting, really.

But now we have a new chip to play. Dogs are treated horribly in Muslim countries!

I mean Muslim people really, really hate dogs. (See here and here for other examples.)

So liberals – you can pretend that the mistreatment of women, the abuse of children, the persecution of Christians and the murder of homosexuals doesn’t matter… but can you ignore the attacks on dogs?

From Iran’s War on Dogs:

Treating Dogs Worse Than Dogs

The ubiquity of beheadings and other horrific violence seems to have had a dangerous anesthetizing effect on all of us. So perhaps some Americans would better understand the sociopathic nature of the regime we’re promoting by getting a glimpse into its attitude on dogs. Its war on dogs.

Take a look at this video from the Iranian town of Shiraz, which seems to have outsourced animal “control” to those who have a special loathing for helpless stray dogs. Be forewarned that the content is gruesome. 

Dejected and terrified, a stray dog whimpers as a man methodically injects her hindquarters with acid. The creature then writhes and shrieks in agony for interminable minutes. The animal is not dead yet when the executioner tosses her sobbing body onto a mass of carcasses. Next, a puppy is injected.

There are more such reports out of Iran. The utter helplessness of dogs pictured in a pit, huddled together whimpering as they try to escape being shot and or buried alive, is disturbing. What kind of a person stands by such scenes, much less creates them?

Even if the guys who injected the dogs with that torture serum were outsourced and paid by the government to get rid of strays, why would they use such a horrendously inhumane method? My guess is that they’ve been steeped in an environment that eschews kindness and specializes in cultivating various types of barbarity. The torture of animals is well known to desensitize people to harming human beings.

This even goes beyond hatred for dogs. It’s a rejection of the idea that there should be any bond of friendship between a dog and a human being, or any bond of human relationship that the rulers do not dictate and control.

When Dogs Are Treated as Vermin

In Islam, dogs have long been viewed as unclean animals, even though the handful of references to dogs in the Koran itself are not negative. The stigma originates from the tradition handed down in various hadiths, or the sayings of Mohammed, one of which referred to black dogs in particular as being demonic. Another requires that any vessel in contact with a dog has to be washed seven times. One says angels won’t visit a house with a dog. And so on.

Iran’s theocratic rulers prefer to adhere strictly to the hadiths that designate dogs as a polluting presence. This legalism would mean that having a dog’s fur or saliva on one’s person or in one’s home would interfere with the five-times-daily prayer life of a Muslim.

Thus, stray dogs in Iran are easy and fair game for police to shoot indiscriminately on sight. The government also outsources the killings, and localities can pay individuals for their aid in eliminating canine populations.

Just knowing that the authorities disapprove of dogs cultivates the sense that the suffering of those animals does not matter. In fact, anyone who might take perverse pleasure in tormenting dogs would have an out when those hadiths are reinforced by mullahs, particularly if a cleric such as Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi issues a fatwah against owning dogs.

The antipathy towards dogs has also been exported into some Muslim communities abroad. For example, in the Hague in the Netherlands, a Dutch politician called for a ban on dogs. Many laughed it off as a joke. But in the municipality of Lerida in Spain, a similar motion was made a couple of years ago, followed by numerous reports of dogpoisonings in the area. Not so funny.

Politically correct law enforcement can also nudge limits on dogs in public spaces Muslim communities frequent, such as in Toronto when a man was arrested for walking his dog in a public park where an anti-Israel protest was taking place. He was likely considered a provocateur for walking his dog there. But the video link shows just how tense things can get in this cultural crossfire. Many Muslim cab drivers have insisted on refusing service to anyone with a dog, including service dogs for the blind, most notably in Minneapolis.

The tradition of viewing dogs as unclean or as vermin is on a collision course with the idea of dogs as beloved companions…


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