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Long Time Criminal Illegal Immigrant Strangles Teacher’s Aide to Death in Her Boston Home

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Published on: March 25, 2017

An illegal immigrant, who has a history of run-ins with the law is alleged to have strangled a 49-year-old teacher’s aide in her Boston, Massachusetts home.

Sandra “Buffy” Hehir’s body was discovered in her apartment on February 5, 2017, according to The Boston Globe.  An autopsy was performed and her death was determined to be homicide by strangulation.

According to the Worcester district attorney’s office, DNA recovered at the crime scene pointed to Jose Melendez, 54, of Worcester.  According to prosecutors, the DNA collected from a beer can and Hehir’s clothing matched DNA from a Worcester rape case in 2000, which was never solved, and Melendez was a suspect in the rape case.

After the DNA results came back, police began to suspect Melendez in the Hehir murder.  Melendez was charged with murder and was arraigned on Monday, March 20.

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According to Mass Live:

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