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Look What This Mother Did When She Caught Her Son in the Baltimore Riots

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Published on: April 28, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland has turned into the “street version” of the wrestling show “Smack Down” doing a “free for all” in the ring with 40 wrestlers.” They are brawling in the streets and destroying their surroundings. However, one young protestor got a “smack down” of his own. It was given to him by none other than someone suspected of being his Mom.

Online, she has been dubbed “mom of the year” after video appeared showing her smacking him and trying to drag him off by his ear. The videos contain strong language. Footage also showed the individual leaving the scene with this woman.

For many of us, we would be lucky if that’s all our parents did to us in public if we were caught rioting or engaging in criminal activity such as looting, pillaging and destroying property as teenagers, regardless of the authorities giving us the space to do so. We’d be asking the Lord to have pity on us and save us from the “wrath of Mom and Dad” with all sorts of promises being offered up to save our backside – some we’d keep and some we probably wouldn’t.

Once Mom and Dad finished enacting their initial justice, they would cart us off to the police department, make us confess, and tell the police that they are going to let us sit in jail awhile so we learned that actions have consequences. Upon release from jail or when our parents decided to “bail” us out, off we go home for a round of long term parental justice in the form of “hard labor,” restrictions on activities, revocation of driving privileges, endless hours of lecturing on bad versus good behavior, suffering through repeating of the event to family, friends, loved ones, and the pastor of the church, and ending up with your parents going to court with you. All the while, your parents would still exhibit their love and support for you, but not your criminal actions.

Well, this is what my parents would have done or so they say. Frankly, it was best during those years not to test the water since they backed up what they said by doing what they said. It was stability that was guaranteed. It wasn’t just the parents either. There was plenty of “justice” enacted from the grandmother and grandfather end as well. It was all done to teach the lesson that “bad behavior has consequences and those consequences can be very steep.”

My Dad said plenty of times, “I don’t care whether you love me or not; but, you will learn to do right.” Funny, how that one statement made me love him more. It was my well-being he had at heart, not his own nor how he felt. But, he made it clear what his responsibility was – to rear an individual who was respectful of righteous law, regardless of emotions.

It’s called “parenting,” and with the conditions in the US today, it is something not seen very often. Somewhere along the way, it became “in” or “chic” to be “friends” with your children, instead of actually being a parent. Friends don’t engage in discipline and your children will not like you if you come down on them too hard – so the skewed thinking goes. The problem with this approach is children do not learn respect nor do they learn that actions indeed do have consequences. Parents ceased to be authority figures and respect for authority was not learned by children. Those in authority are not always right; however, authority can be challenged respectfully as parents taught that as well.

Parents, as authority figures and the ones responsible for our education, have the responsibility not to abuse their authority. Others holding positions of authority have the same responsibility. It can be a fine line to walk when emotions are involved; however, it seems some parents, like mine, were able to balance their “justice” to fit the violation. No doubt, something they learned from their parents since children do not come with instruction manuals.

Kudos to this woman who performed an “authority” role and her biblical duty by disciplining this young man, getting him out of the danger zone, and hopefully teaching him that actions have consequences – mother or not. It’s something this nation has lost – parents actually teaching their children and enacting “tough love” in order to rear a productive member of society. While government has steadily eroded the role of parents, as we the people have let them, there are some who still hold to the “old school” tried and true method of teaching, disciplining and guiding their children out of love, with love and through love as God has commanded.

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