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Mainstream Media Covers Michael Avenatti “Not Guilty” Plea – Blackout Gloria Allred’s Dumping On Rape Victim

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Published on: May 29, 2019

As the mainstream media fawns over ambulance chasing attorney Michael Avenatti as he entered a “not guilty” plea after being indicted for ripping off porn star Stormy Daniels for $300,000, they continue to black out what should be a national headline story.  I’m talking about the “most famous female attorney in the country” and “champion of women’s rights,” Gloria Allred, and her failure to honor an agreement she had with a prior client who was a victim of rape.  Deanna Williams, the victim, told her side of a story that dwarfs anything that Avenatti has been involved in both in the amount of money and corruption on Thursday’s broadcast of my new radio show, Setting Brushfires.

This is highly relevant, not just from the things I’m drawing from, but earlier this year, Allred and Avenatti were apparently working with the same goal in mind:  Going after singer R. Kelly for sex with underage girls. However, we all know that both of them were merely competing for media attention and money.

On Thursday, I reported on the indictment of attorney Michael Avenatti for ripping off porn actress Stormy Daniels for $300,000.  In that report, I briefly referenced how it seems to becoming more commonplace that attorneys are just ripping off their clients for six figures and specifically, I was referring to a series I’ve written on the case of Deanna Williams in Florida, who also had hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen and swindled from her that dwarf the figure attributed to Avenatti against Daniels.  In addition, it appears the Williams own attorney at the time of her own settlement, Gloria Allred, pocketed another six-figure income on top of the agreed fees she and her partner and their firm’s Florida attorney received.

Williams spoke in an hour-long interview on Setting Brushfires Radio Show on Red State Talk Radio on Thursday morning about her nearly decade long ordeal, much of which has occurred due to Gloria Allred not honoring her retainer agreement with Williams regarding paying attorneys Williams hired to represent her in a civil rape case.

The story of Deanna Williams is a long, painful trail of a woman whose life was turned upside down when she was raped by a Major League Baseball player in 2009. The corruption that ensued in that case, then the corruption of attorneys, including Gloria Allred, and a man by the name of Scott Mager of Mager Paruas, who purchased the rights to sue her, along with the corruption of other attorneys she hired and judges who brought injustice against her is something you couldn’t even fathom to write.

I ask you, America, why is this not a national news story?

If you would like to help Ms. Williams retain an attorney out of the area to represent her, please consider contributing to her GoFundMe page:

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Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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