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On A Major Satanic Holiday In California, Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidental Nomination

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Published on: June 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton is evil and dangerous. There is no other way to describe her. From her well-documented “Jekyll and Hyde” personality to her attacking anybody and everybody whom “she has an issue with,” from the start of her career as a cheating scoundrel lawyers up to and through the Benghazi and email scandals, Hillary Clinton is as dirty as politicians come. She has made it her mission to seize the Democratic presidential nomination by any means possible, including using illegal means to steal it from Bernie Sanders and to put herself in the White House.

Don’t believe me? Then believe the Russians. In spite of the talk about Russia supporting Donald Trump, many in the government are actually scared of Trump because he truly has the potential to make America rise to its former glory. As the text of this article (all in Russian) says, if Hillary Clinton were elected, she would do so much damage to America that no Trump at a future point could ever resurrect here to her former state again:

США сейчас пребывают в очень тяжёлом состоянии. Не факт, что реформы Трампа их спасут. Не факт, что Трампу позволят их провести. Но Трамп — шанс США на возрождение, после чего можно будет вернуться к активной агрессивной внешней политике в более благоприятных условиях.

А вот Хиллари Клинтон — гарантия пути Вашингтона в бездну. И после неё Америку уже никакой Трамп не спасёт.

The USA now finds itself in a very difficult situation. It is not a fact that Trump’s reforms would save them. It is not a fact that Trump would permit it for them. But Trump is the USA’s chance at a rebirth, after which she may return to an active, aggressive foreign policy under more favorable conditions

But Hillary Clinton is a guarantee of Washington’s path into the abyss, and after her not even Trump could save America.

Still don’t believe me? Then believe Larry Nichols, a former Clinton aide who, in his own words, ‘has been with the Clintons from the beginning.’ The interview below, which was done in September 2015, is very telling and revealing about the Clintons and their private lives, especially with Hillary:

If you fast forward to 21:20, you will hear him accuse Hillary Clinton of partaking in “the witches’ church.” This is very interesting, not only concerning her background, but also for what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, on June 6th, 2016, Hillary announced that she won the Democratic nomination by clinching the nomination for California. This is particularly important because the date yesterday roughly corresponded to 6-6-6- the Biblical number of the beast and in which the state that has made the most media attention for this celebration has been a group of satanists in California:

It’s June 6, 2016, for most Angelenos, but for members of the Satanic Temple of Los Angeles, Monday is a very special day.

As part of a commemoration of 6/6/16, Satanists have announced plans to perform an “introductory Satanic ritual” by using GPS technology to outline a five-pointed star – also known as a pentagram – around the city of Lancaster, according to a press release from the Temple.

A copy of the “The Seven Tenets” – which the group says “reflect(s) the core beliefs of The Satanic Temple” – will also be presented at City Hall at around 3 p.m., according to the group, which reportedly has about a dozen members.

How interesting that Hillary Clinton gets the Presidential nomination on a major satanic holiday in a state which not only is known for this perversion, but is also advertising it.

As I have written before, it was very interesting that the night Barack Obama took the nomination for the Democrat party, the lottery winning numbers were also 6-6-6.

Coincidence? You be the judge; but as I believe, God speaks to us through unique and seemingly unorthodox ways. It is about time we start paying attention. 

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad

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