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Make America Honest Again!

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Published on: April 29, 2020

We have a problem, and the problem is not COVID-19. Many people believe that the government’s reaction to COVID-19 has been worse than any deaths or destruction actually caused by COVID-19, or that could have been caused by COVID-19, and they are right. One of the injury’s in this Shamdemic is to the Constitution. However, the greatest injury is to the credibility of Medical Professionals, they have allowed themselves to be used as propaganda tools. The credibility of honest elected officials has been destroyed as well, by the elected officials who have lied. The media has lost what little credibility they had. The church has lost credibility, by blindly obeying in the name of safety and fear.

Think of what has happened. A few months ago, were claiming we had the greatest economy in the history of the country. Now we have economic disaster not seen since the great depression. As drastic change such as that demands detailed scrutiny. We must solve this problem, but to solve the problem, we must realize what we have done wrong. We must stop waiting for a solution and become the solution.

We have a duty as citizens of this country and just as members of the human race to do something. Whining and complaining is not enough. All the honest elected members of the legislature must start declaring all these unconstitutional violations, in the false claim of safety, null and void. Sheriffs and other law enforcement need to refuse to enforce them. The Governors need to be removed from office and arrested for their crimes against the Constitution, which is the ultimate law of the land. Claiming they had good intentions is no excuse. Claiming it is above their pay grade is just a confession to the crime. The time has come. Elected people have been violating the Constitution, with no accountability for too long, we must demand accountability. We need to follow the “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.”

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates Was stated in The Magdeburg Confession in 1550.

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The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates is:

“When the higher or superior authority makes an unjust or immoral law or decree, the lower or lesser magistrates have both a right and duty to interpose and refuse obedience to the superior authority, and if needs be, openly resist their unjust or immoral law or decree.”

Elected people obeying the law, instead of interpreting the law, must be our highest priority. The Constitution is the ultimate law, it is supposed to prevent things like the COVID-19 economy destruction, but that is only if it is obeyed. A government that can hurt the people of its country with its good intentions is just as dangerous as an evil government. Actually it is more dangerous. People do not usually defend against good intentions. That is why good intentions have the potential to cause so much harm. Allowing us to finally go free should not be all that is required for doing so much damage with the COVID-19 economy destruction.

The population of the United States is 330,150,668 people.  As of today, they are reporting 52,546 deaths from COVID-19 that is less than .02 percent of the population or 1 out of every 6,283 people in the United States. It is reported that 26 million people have now filed for jobless aid. That means that 7.9 percent of the population has filed for jobless aid. That is about 1 out of every 13 people who have has filed for jobless aid. That is 495 people have become jobless for every 1 person that has died from what they claim are COVID-19 deaths. Even if their numbers are accurate, which is now doubtful, it is not fair to punish 495 people with job loss, because one person dies.

This is what happens when government calls the shots. Where is the proof that this response helped anyone? Is the person’s death less tragic because 495 people lost their job? If my death caused that much harm, I would want them to do something else. The problem is we were not given a choice. The Constitution promises that the choice is ours. However, the elected members of our government claim they get to ignore the Constitution in times like this. The Constitution does not say that but, that is not stopping the people causing the COVID-19 economy destruction.

The quickest way to economic ruin comes from the chaos of a government that does as it pleases, with no questions asked, actually I should say without answering for what it does. That is what we have. They think you must be forced to obey them, and that they must obey no one. That is the recipe for chaos. Chaos is what we have. Can you plan for anything right now? No, but not because you might get sick, but because no one knows what the government will do next. The COVID-19 economy destruction is a result of the government, not COVID-19. The economy will only improve if we stop the government from doing what they are doing, and if we guarantee that that the government cannot do this again.

The government needs to answer for causing such huge levels of joblessness. The Constitution Amendment 5 states: “No person shall be…deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.” The constitution is supposed to be the rules that government is supposed to follow. It has become very obvious that the government is following no rules, and is doing what it wants with nothing restraining it.

The COVID-19 economy destruction will only turn around, if people can start making their own decisions. They need to know that their government will not go berserk over the next thing that frightens them. How can anyone invest in anything, when they do not know if their own government will destroy it? It clearly states: “No person shall be…deprived of life, liberty, or property”, and yet businesses have been deprived of their customers, and they have been deprived of their right to open their doors and conduct business.

No matter how much damage this causes, the elected officials refuse to accept responsibility. Putting the country further in debt 2.2 trillion dollars is not a solution it is a bigger problem. Remember, our country was pilling on debt when they claimed it was the greatest economy ever, what makes you think the COVID-19 economy destruction will give anyone money to pay any debt. Prices will just go up because people are producing much less because of this unconstitutional shutdown.

The rules are clear. The government is not allowed to do this. They claim it is to keep us safe, but how safe are we if there are no rules for the government. Yes, the Democrats and Republicans continually fight over what they say each of them can do. However, the reality is they have forced a huge amount of people to do things they do not want to do. What they have forced has cost a huge amount of people, a huge amount of money. The constitution does not allow this. The constitution has not prevented this, because we have allowed the government not to follow the rules. If we want to Make America Great Again, we must Make America Honest Again. An honest government obeys the Constitution.

Illness and pandemics have been around for all of recorded history. How smart is it to allow this much power to be seized for something that has been around for all of recorded history, but just now has a different name? Just because a few people say it should be done? This is nonsense. This needs to stop. This needs to be prevented from ever happening again. Claiming to prevent death, or save lives, should not allow people to steal power, and violate peoples God-given rights.

Medical professionals no longer have any credibility, the COVID-19 economy destruction happened as a result of what members of our profession said should be done. Whatever happened to “first do no harm”? A lot of harm has happened. This harm has happened as a result of phony death statistics, based on death certificates that claim COVID-19 deaths, when that is not true.

We cannot say that it is the others that lied, and therefore we should be believed. That makes us as evil as the people that lied. That spreads the deception. Credibility is only deserved by Medical Professionals that demand that the truth be told, and that the deceivers be held accountable. If there is no accountability for deception, there is no chance for honesty, and no reason to be trusted.

I listened to a man who had called in to a radio show ask in frustration what he should do and the host kept telling him to ask God because God should direct the man’s actions. This is true. However, my question to all of you is this, if we tell you what you should do, will you actually do it? Will you demand truth and will you demand accountability?

The most terrible cause of abuse of power is obedience to abuse of power. The Shamdemic is proof of this. We know we have been lied to. We know the CDC has rigged statistics. The only response has been, for people to beg the abusers in power, to abuse them a little less, and please open the country up, even with restrictions.

No, restrictions are just expecting a different problem, to solve a problem. That will not happen. If we do not hold the people accountable that caused the COVID-19 economy destruction accountable, they will do even worse destruction than now. Every single one of you needs to devote yourselves to holding these people accountable. Anything that is in violation of the Constitution should not be obeyed, and the people violating the Constitution should be removed from office, no exceptions. Even if you like the ones that violated it, being likeable does not excuse bad behavior.

What we have learned is this: All that is necessary to shut down the churches, put people under house arrest, have the police arrest people for disobeying abusive illegal power, and lose trillions of dollars in damages to people and businesses, is a scary story. They also need to have this scary story repeated endlessly, by the corrupt media, and the corrupt politicians. Of course, it is also necessary to have the politicians that know this is wrong, stand by and whine, also standby and complain that they wish the media would just be honest and claim they wish that the abusers of power would stop abusing the power. The COVID-19 economy destruction continues because they allow it to continue. They caused it, they are not going to stop it. For decades these abuses have continued to get worse. If you think this is bad, it will only get worse unless the honest people in power clean house and restore honesty. The economy cannot heal if the government continues to make it sick.

The answer is to stop obeying unconstitutional laws. Remove the abusers from office. Elect people that are going to fight corruption. Make the government obey the laws themselves.

We need to Make America Honest Again.

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