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Making A Prey Of Americans: Biden Creating Domestic Insurrection – Releasing Illegals Back Onto The Streets Of America

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Published on: January 25, 2021

“What is happening here is history repeating itself.”

One thing I have noticed over and over again in the United States is that the American people are under continuous attack by their said representatives, corrupt politicians, who are working hand in glove with the mainstream media and their “useful idiots” (Psalm 9:17).

Day after day and week after week, it is something new that America’s corrupt want to change about our country; and the way that they do this is to keep Americans in a state of perpetual fear hoping that you leave things in their hands (Psalm 94:20).  What most do not realize is that they are the ones responsible for creating the chaos. Here is a perfect example:

Brietbart reported: ICE Agents Ordered to Free All Illegal Aliens in Custody: ‘Release Them All’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, tasked with enforcing federal immigration law, are being instructed to free all detainees in their custody, as President Joe Biden’s administration halts deportations.

An internal January 21 ICE memo, independently reviewed by Breitbart News and first reported by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, orders agents to “stop all removals,” including land and air deportations.
In addition, the memo tells agents that “all cases” of detainees in ICE custody are now to be considered “no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future” — suggesting all detainees will need to be released.

“Release them all, immediately,” the ICE official wrote to staff in the memo. Typically, if detainees do not have sponsors in the United States, agents can hold an individual in their custody. The memo, though, states that is no longer the case and that even detainees without sponsors must be released.
It is unclear if ICE is currently carrying out the mass release of all 14,195 detainees in its custody, 71.45 percent of whom are convicted criminals or have pending criminal charges. These detainees are currently held in approximately 138 facilities across the United States.

One thing that I would add is that all of Biden’s executive orders are unconstitutional and are illegally being implemented.  There is nothing constitutional about them, but then again, what do you expect from an administration that is guilty of the act of treason (Article 3, Section 3 US Constitution).

Conclusion: Friends, you must remember these ill-designing men and women that hope that you will leave things in their hands are the same ones creating the problems (Ephesians 4:14).

This is not about preserving America under the Rule of Law, this is about creating chaos and tearing down the US Constitution in hopes of creating a new world order.

All of this is occuring in the face of our government using fences to surround the Capitol and our military to protect them from the very people that they are to serve. How does that work?  It dosen’t (Mark 3:25)!

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